Monday, November 17, 2014

The Pick of the Weekend

Here's a few articles from around the web that you don't want to miss.

* “Clamping Down on Religion” (In this brief but important article, NRO’s Kathyrn Jean Lopez interviews Ed Clancy, director of outreach and evangelization for Aid for the Church in Need.)

* “The lies that are central to Obama’s agenda” (Kyle Smith, New York Post)

* “Officials say U.S. military readiness for war, competitive edge worsening” (Andrea Shalal & David Alexander, Reuters)

* “One Nation Under Godlessness: A high school in Colorado Springs bans students from meeting outside class for prayer and fellowship.” (Michelle Malkin, NRO)

* “Joe Wilson Was Right” (Jack Cashill, American Thinker)

* “India’s war on women turns deadly: Thirteen women have died as a result of the latest mass sterilisation camp.” (Carolyn Moynihan, Mercator)

* “Obama Is Now Lying About His Lies” (Peter Wehner, Commentary)

* “HHS still doing business with firm that twice defrauded Medicare” (Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner)