Thursday, May 12, 2016

Keeping Up?

Having trouble keeping up with news and commentary you can that comes from credible, principled, and eloquent sources?  Hey, don't we all? So here's a few of the best and brightest articles from recent days.

* “The Scariest Reason Trump Won” (Dennis Prager, Town Hall)

* “Lawmaker: ‘Big Brother’ Shouldn’t Force Americans to Participate in Abortions” (Leah Jessen, Daily Signal)

* “Trump’s Refusal to Release Tax Returns Is a Ticking Time Bomb for the GOP” (John Fund, National Review)

* “Why does the media ignore the criminal past of Communism?” (Christopher Szabo, Mercator)

* “Dry Rot in Academia” (Thomas Sowell, Jewish World Review)

* “The Age of Cheap Oil and Natural Gas Is Just Beginning” (Marian Radetzki & Roberto F. Aguilera, Scientific American)

* “Rehab for Reds: The resurrection of American communism” (Ronald Radosh, The Weekly Standard)