Wednesday, January 30, 2019

What's Happening...And Why?

Here's a few important dispatches from the culture wars.

* “Today’s Left Now Openly Aims To Make Christians Second-Class Citizens” (Nathanael Blake, Federalist)

* “Newt Gingrich: Democrats and Never Trumpers will put Trump back in the White House in 2020” (Newt Gingrich, Fox News)

* “Why Are We Trying to Gain the (Moral) Approval of the Left?” (Michael Brown, The Stream)

* “‘Don’t Be Evil’ Axis: Google Blacklisting Conservative Search Results” (Jeremy Carl, Federalist)

* “A Federal Appeals Court Just Took a Big Swing at Planned Parenthood” (Kevin Daley, Daily Signal)

* “Abortion: the original sin of the UN human rights project” (Stefano Gennarini, Mercator)

* “Wheaton College Under Scrutiny Over Race, Abortion, and ‘Offensive Rhetoric’ Talks” (Chelsea Vicari, Juicy Ecumenism)

* “Urbana 18 Speaker Dismisses God’s Holiness in Sermon to Students on ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’” (Joshua Arnold, Juicy Ecumenism)

New York's Brazen Celebration of Death

Ellie Bufkin over at Bright writes about a symbol of freedom turned into a “celebration of Death” —

“On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed that One World Trade Center light its high-reaching spire in pink as a celebration of the passing of the Reproductive Health Act which made the ability to kill unborn children simpler and more accessible in New York than ever before.

Since its erection, the One World Trade Center has served as a symbol of freedom and a monument to the lives lost on 9/11. It often lights up in different colors to celebrate holidays, to recognize victims of abuse, and to remind us of nearly 3,000 people killed by terrorism. On Friday it was used as a sickening tool to promote the demented ideology of those that believe unborn babies do not have the right to their own life.”

And, on the same sad matter, here’s Marlo Safi at National Review

“It’s not only perverse to ‘celebrate’ this inhumane legislation on the site where thousands of innocent lives were lost, including the lives of the eleven unborn children who were killed that day and whose names are engraved in the memorial. It’s a testament to the culture of death and the insidious attempts of those who flaunt abortion as anything other than the forsaking of human dignity to deceive us into believing that some humans are just not enough. It’s evidence that the most pressing social-justice issue of not only our time but possibly the next generation’s will be the mass slaughter of unborn infants and the exploitation of poor and minority women, who deserve a feminism that is nonviolent and just.”

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Fake News Has a Purpose: Reviewing the Covington Students Story

* “A Fast Forward Look at the 2019 March for Life” (Students for Life)

* “Rush Limbaugh: NRO Pushed Covington Hoax to Win ‘Approval of the Mainstream Media’” (Robert Kraychik, Breitbart)

* “Call-Out Conservatives Join the Left’s Lynch Mob” (Julie Kelly, American Greatness)

* “President Trump: Covington Catholic Students ‘Treated Unfairly,’ ‘Smeared by Media’” (Kyle Morris, Breitbart)

* “Lawyer for Covington Catholic HS Families Threatens Lawsuits Against Media Unless They Retract False Stories” (Debra Heine Jane, PJ Media)

* “Sue the B*****ds: Updated” (John Hinderaker, Power Line)

* “What the right should learn from Covington Catholic flap” (Jack Cashill, American Thinker)

* “Covington Catholic diocese sticks to its calumny against its kids” (Monica Showalter, American Thinker)

Keeping Posted (Part Three)

* “Planned Parenthood Admits Its Focus Is Abortion” (Tony Perkins, Daily Signal)

* “The Racist Speech a Christian College Doesn’t Want the Public to Hear” (Ryan Bomberger, Town Hall)

* “The Frustrating Flip-Flopping of Politicians Over the Border Wall” (Cal Thomas, Daily Signal)

* “Vatican (Briefly) Commemorates Cuba's Stalinist Revolution” (Humberto Fontova, Town Hall)

* “Opposing Honors for Angela Davis Isn’t Racist” (Jonathan S. Tobin, National Review)

* “The Problem Isn’t the Poor. It’s Young Men on Welfare Who Could Be Working” (Star Parker, Daily Signal)

* “Is The Bike-Lane Fever Breaking?” (Jeff Jacoby, Town Hall)

* “As Religious Separation Increases, Religious Bigotry Will Abound” (David French, National Review)

Monday, January 14, 2019

Keeping Posted (Part Two)

* “As employees speak out, Planned Parenthood’s mask begins to crack” (Carole Novielli, Live Action)

* “Millennial Socialism 101” (Rich Lowry, National Review)

* “Millennial Christians Are Often Wrong about Patriotism” (Ben Palka, Providence)

* “Imagine Nations Were Selfless — It’s No Paradise” (Brad Littlejohn, Providence)

* “The Trump ‘Resistance’: Right-Wing Racists Bad, Left-Wing Racists Not So Much” (Larry Elder, Town Hall)

* “Heathens hold religious services rooted in Norse paganism aboard aircraft carrier” (J.D. Simkins, Navy Times)

* “You Can’t Make This Up: A Speech Code that Investigates Students for Discussing the Freedom of Speech” (Ilya Shapiro & Patrick Moran, Cato Institute)

* “Anniversary of a Fake News Classic by The New York Times” (Humberto Fontova, Town Hall)

Keeping Posted (Part One)

Well, the government may be (kinda') shut down but that doesn't mean that culture, politics, and the world of current affairs are not still dizzily spinning around. So here’s a rundown of some of the most important  articles you may have missed.

* “Faith’s Top 10 International Religious Liberty Stories of 2018” (Faith McDonnell, Juicy Ecumenism)

* “60 Million Christians Gear Up for Big Tech Censorship Battle After Facebook Franklin Graham Block” (Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media)

* “Abortion: It’s for the Children!” (John Stonestreet, BreakPoint)

* “The Most Successful Coverup” (Jed Babbin, American Spectator)

* “An Epidemic of Erasures, Redactions, Omissions, and Perjuries” (Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness)

* “Planned Parenthood is 41 Times More Likely to Abort a Baby Than Provide Prenatal Care” (Paul Stark,

* “There’s A National Emergency On The Border, But It’s Not What You Think” (John Daniel Davidson, Federalist)

* “Man Awakens After 12 Years in a ‘Vegetative State,’ Says ‘I Was Aware of Everything’” (Sarah Zagorski,