Friday, October 14, 2016

Waiting on God

If you’re like me, wait is an rather uncomfortable word.  I mean, who likes to wait?  Think of waiting at the DMV or other government offices. Think of the boredom and tension of the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  Even a short wait like the car warming up on a winter morning or a line at the supermarket or a red light can be a bother to us.

Nevertheless, waiting is presented in the Bible as a necessary duty in the Christian life.  The people of God referred to the prophetic chapter of Isaiah 25, for instance, are depicted as reveling in the lavish banquet God has prepared for the faithful as they joyfully declare, “Behold, this is our God for Whom we have waited that He might save us.”

The chapter makes clear that these are the men and women of all eras and from all nations whose faith in God was finally receiving its rewards, including a full knowledge of God and fellowship with Him, the elimination of death, the reconciliation of all things to their Creator, the comfort from all sorrows, and the ultimate triumph of His holy power.  But, of course, there is that word there — wait. These believers had to wait for that sweet and forever day of victory. It didn’t come when they wanted it; it came at God’s appointed time. They had to wait on Him – patiently, devotedly, keeping their eyes not on the temporary trials of this sin-scared earth but on the promised prize.

There are several other Scriptures which speak to this matter and, in various ways, they illustrate that waiting on God requires existential faith in the Lord’s promises and a confident expectation that His power, His love, His righteousness, and His wise purposes are perfect…even in their timing.  Exercising faith in a God Who loves us and Who is sovereign over all circumstances, we can endure. We can continue to shine our light.  We can maintain a walk in the Holy Spirit even in dark and difficult times.

We can, in a word, wait.  And, as Isaiah 25 shows, with its awesome pictures of God’s (and our) ultimate triumph, we will testify in great praise that His triumph was well worth the wait.

But a couple of related points before I sign off here. Not only is it the Christian who passionately waits for God’s triumph.  Romans 8:19 explains that all of creation waits eagerly for the revelation of the sons of God.  There’s a whole sermon there!

But there is Someone else who eagerly waits for the day of final victory — God Himself!  That’s right.  In a verse just a couple of pages away from Isaiah 25 is the exciting revelation that the Lord waits to be gracious to Israel.  That day when all the prophecies are fulfilled, that day when Israel embraces Jesus as the Messiah and enters into the New Jerusalem, that wonderful day of victory when sin and death will be destroyed forever – God is eagerly waiting for that day too! He has decreed it.  And, in that very moment when all of His holy and merciful purposes are completed, the Lord God will bring it to pass.

Hallelujah!  This is what we wait for!  And so, let us humbly lean upon the strength provided by the Holy Spirit as we wait for our salvation.  For again, guys….it’s going to be worth it!

Friday, October 07, 2016

Unholy Bias, Batman! It's Sure Good To Be in the Know!

Don't depend on that corrupted, liberal media that dominates Gotham City. Instead, follow the example of the intrepid Dynamic Duo and plug in to better sources of reporting and these articles right here.

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* “Chicago Blood: There’s no end in sight to the violence plaguing the Windy City” (Heather MacDonald, City Journal)

* “Democrats are treating people of faith like criminals” (Jeff Hunt, Fox News)

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