Thursday, February 17, 2022

"Serious Issues Here" Yet They're Ignored by the Establishment Press

* "'These are serious ethical issues': James O'Keefe demands answers after FDA executive officer is caught on Project Veritas hidden camera admitting Biden will force an ANNUAL Covid shot that would be a 'recurring fountain of revenue' for drug firms" (Michelle Thompson & Natasha Anderson, Daily Mail)

* "Canada’s Justice Minister: Trump Supporters ‘Oughta Be Worried’ About Frozen Bank Accounts" (Paul Bois, Breitbart)

* "Finnish lawmaker being charged for expressing her religious views speaks out, calls the case 'dangerous'" (Kelsey Koberg, Fox News)

* "Why Nearly 40 Percent of Gen Z Identify as LGBTQ" (Vince Coyner, American Thinker)

* "Pentagon Report: Iraq’s Security Forces Overrun by Iranian-Backed Militants: Iraq’s security forces are overrun by Iranian-backed militants, the Pentagon disclosed for the first time publicly in a report indicating Tehran’s anti-American militias have long been cashing in on U.S. taxpayer funds." (Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon)

* "After-school 'Satan Club' takes new aim at archenemy: Christian clubs for kids. The Satanic Temple is fighting against Christian-focused after-school clubs — and children are in the crosshairs." (Lauren Green, Fox News)

* “A Pleasure to Burn”: We Are Closer to Bradbury’s Dystopia Than Orwell’s or Huxley’s" (David S. Wills, Quillette)

Saturday, February 12, 2022

What is "Dreaming Forward?"

"I had finished my brief sermon for our Sunday afternoon church service at Aksarben Village Senior Living and the last music video had been played. That clip, by the way, was a rousing rendition of the southern gospel song, “I’ll Have a New Life” performed by Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny & June Cash, and the Statler Brothers. The reception to everything in the service had been wonderful, but that last song, with its promises of new bodies, new minds, and a whole new creation to live in, was especially embraced by our elderly congregation.

And then, as we do every Sunday, we passed out the coffee, lemonade, and cookies (Claire’s chocolate chip cookies were on the menu that afternoon) and began visiting. In one of those conversations, Doris and I were talking about that last song and the supernatural comfort it provided for those dealing with the traumatic trials so commonly involved in growing old. Doris, is a dear nonagenarian (FYI, that’s someone in their 90s) who loves Jesus and has a firm hope of heaven. However, she was candidly sharing with me about how hard it is, not only to have one’s body and memory fail, but to have one’s sense of purpose and significance fade away also.  She then asked me if I had any thoughts about how to face these problems.

My reply, as I remember it, centered on 3 things..."

Interested? Then please read the complete Vital Signs Ministries February letter right here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

My, My; There Are Some Genuine Reporters Still Alive

Here's a few of the most important articles from my recent surveys of the new media. Great stuff.

* "10 Most Absurd Excuses From Democrats Caught in Mask Scandals" (Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon)

* "Climate Tyrants' New Tactics" (Richard Morrison, Law & Liberty)

* "Has Covid Been Good for Women?" (John Hinderaker, Power Line)

* "Biden To Set Free Would-Be 9/11 Hijacker" (Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon)

* "Now Is the Time for Conservatives to Combat Big Tech’s Totalitarianism" (Kara Frederick, Daily Signal)

* "The Chilling Effect of Big Tech Censorship" (Donald Kendal, Issues & Insights)

* "The Left Is Weaponizing 'Misinformation' to Silence Dissent" (Angie Speaks, Newsweek)

Praying God’s Arrows Will Fly

In recent years my intercessory prayers have included specifically “targeted” prayers against the mindless, nihilistic lawlessness which is spreading across the world – lawlessness seen not only in riots, looting, and increased homicides in our cities, but also in the rebellion of the general culture against God’s distinct and holy laws regarding sexuality, sanctity of life, respect for parents and the “ancient boundaries,” modesty, humility, just punishment for criminal acts, and the exclusivity of the gospel.

These prayers have frequently utilized a biblical metaphor that I was drawn to in our reading of Psalms and Job; namely, the arrows of God.  Let me give you a couple of examples.

“Your arrows are sharp; the peoples fall under You; Your arrows are in the heart of the King’s enemies.”  (Psalm 45:5, NASB)

“If a man does not repent, He will sharpen His sword; He has bent His bow and made it ready.  He has also prepared for Himself deadly weapons; He makes His arrows fiery shafts.”  (Psalm 7:12-13 NASB)

“He sent out His arrows, and scattered them, and lightning flashes in abundance, and routed them.”  (Psalm 18:14 NASB)

“For the arrows of the Almighty are within me. Their poison my spirit drinks. The terrors of God are arrayed against me.”  (Job 6:4 NASB)

I have been praying, therefore, for the arrows of God’s judgment to fly into the heart of the King’s enemies, that the corrosive poison they possess would weaken and overcome the wicked purposes devised by the devil.  For those who will not repent, who will not submit to the holiness and mercy of God, I pray that His fiery shafts will fly swift and sure into their ranks, bringing about confusion, deflation, and defeat.

But I’m not praying for these things in general. I’m praying that these divine arrows fly into the heart of certain key strongholds of the enemy. In fact, here are the specific targets in my list.

* Islam and other false religions (including Communism and the various other strains of Marxism).

* The apostasy, syncretism, cowardice, and love of the world’s approval which increasingly marks the churches of our day.

* The mega-abortion corporation that is Planned Parenthood.

* The lying, manipulative media.

* The Democrat Party and its fellow travelers who have completely sold out to abortion, sexual perversion, religious intolerance, the coddling of criminals, and anti-Americanism.

* The monopolistic and irreligious powers of government educators.

* The malevolent powers of Big Tech (Google, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and others) which are, like the “old guard” media, going all out to suppress the truth, to persuade people to believe lies, and to mock all things godly.

* The Deep State.

A couple of things to note – If you feel uncomfortable with this kind of prayer, perhaps it is because you have paid more attention to the prayers you normally hear in church than to the prayers you find in Scripture.  I would suggest you read through Psalms (prayers for God’s judgments upon the wicked absolutely abound there) but also in the prophets, the New Testament epistles, and Revelation.

Also keep in mind that the pattern of prayer Jesus gives His disciples in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4 includes an appeal for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.  That means dispensing holiness and justice in Washington, D.C., Beijing, the Kremlin, Damascus, and everywhere else. (Don’t forget, however, that the faithful disciple of Christ desires God’s will be done also in one’s home, business, entertainment decisions, finances, the kids’ education, etc.) So, make no mistake. Prayers for God’s judgment upon sin and rebellion are not only always in order; they are our duty.

Finally, remember always the cautionary promise of Romans 12:19. “‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,’ says the Lord.”  That’s a promise that first appears in Deuteronomy 32:35 but it is repeated in Psalm 94:1-3, here in Romans, and in Hebrews 10:30. It is obvious, then, that God wants us to appreciate that the dispensing of judgment isn’t a bad thing at all.  That is, unless we try to deal it out ourselves.  No, our hatred and anger, our cursing and complaining; any dirty tricks we might want to play on our enemies – none of that serves the cause of justice. Indeed, none of that pleases God in the least.  However, vengeance delivered from the throne of God is another thing altogether.  God’s vengeance is wonderful, holy, and eminently just. It is a comforting promise that underscores both His righteousness and His power.  And so it’s a good thing to pray for. 

Lord, let Your arrows fly into the heart of Your enemies.  Let their wicked schemes crumble and fall apart. And in the confused fight from their destruction, let many souls turn to the liberating, cleansing power of the gospel message.  Yet, even so, Lord Jesus; please come soon for Your Church.

I invite you to join Claire and me in this intercessory campaign against these (and other) demonic strongholds. 

Friday, February 04, 2022

More Must-Reads from the New Media

* "Biden offers Putin access to NATO bases: President says he will let Russians verify that there are no US Tomahawk cruise missiles in Romania or Poland to ease tensions" (Daily Mail)

* "Lockdowns only reduced COVID-19 death rate by .2%, study finds: 'Lockdowns should be rejected out of hand'" (Paul Best, Fox News)

* "The COVID Narrative is Falling Apart" (James Stansbury, American Thinker)

* "The Betrayal: Biden Handling of the Withdrawal from Afghanistan." (Paul Mirengoff, Power Line)

* "Amnesty International Wants to End the Jewish State" (Richard Kemp, Gatestone Institute)

* "The Left’s Moneybag" (Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, American Greatness)

Through the Fog (More News the Left Hopes You Never See)

* "So why did so many American mainstream media outlets IGNORE a reputable university's study that lockdowns didn't work? New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC and CBS all failed to run the story because they 'have their own narrative written'" (Daily Mail)

* "Did Dismissals of Safe Outpatient Drugs Cause Needless COVID Deaths? Dissenting doctors say, “Yes.” (Clayton Fox, American Greatness)

* "Why Planned Parenthood Is Pushing Chemical Abortions" (Virginia Allen & Lauren Evans, Daily Signal)

* "Remembering the Black woman Biden blocked from the Supreme Court" (Marc A. Thiessen, Washington Post)

* "Airbnb Blacklists Michelle Malkin – and Her Husband" (Alana Mastrangelo, Breitbart)

* "Suicide: Helping China in Space" (Gordon G. Chang, Gatestone Institute)

* "Why I Don't Accept the Whoopi Goldberg Apology" (Greg Crosby, Jewish World Review)

8 Major Reasons Why I Oppose Planned Parenthood

1) Planned Parenthood kills preborn babies for profit. Hundreds of thousands of babies. And by payments to surgical abortionists and sales of chemical abortifacients, Planned Parenthood is raking in millions of dollars every year. They are the largest abortion providing, abortion promoting business in the world.

2) Planned Parenthood is the most aggressive promoter of abortion rights in the U.S. and abroad. It’s influence in Congress, the United Nations, in state governments, in social service agencies, and among government educators is huge.

3) Planned Parenthood promotes (and enables) sexual promiscuity, even among very young teenagers.

4) Planned Parenthood promotes sexual perversion and does so with obscene and blasphemous materials.

5) Planned Parenthood holds firm to the racism and elitism of its eugenics founders.

6) Planned Parenthood has been caught on many occasions in criminal cover-ups of statutory rape.

7) Planned Parenthood operates many unsafe, unsanitary abortion clinics. It has had several abortionists who have killed adult women through botched abortion. It dispenses very dangerous abortifacient drugs in an unprofessional manner like over the phone and through “at home abortion kits.” It works continually against parental rights and control. It works continually against any and all limitations on abortion.

And, oh yeah…Number 8) Planned Parenthood makes about $100,000,000 every year from American taxpayers.

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Let's Get a Little Light On These Subjects

* "What Does Vladimir Putin Have on Joe Biden?" (Lee Smith, Tablet)

* "Scared, Stupid, And Easily Manipulated: What COVID Has Revealed About The Nation’s Young" (Issues & Insights Editorial Board)

* "The abortion industry plans its next push: Over-the-counter abortion pills" (Carole Novielli, Live Action)

* "Germany is catering to Russia and is a pathetic excuse for a US ally" (Rich Lowry, JWR)

* "Thanks to Biden Administration's Weak Leadership, Iran-China Threat Growing" (Majid Rafizadeh, Gatestone Institute)

* "Americans Are Sick of Authoritarian Mandates" (Jeffrey H. Anderson, American Greatness)

Behind the Scenes: More News the Establishment Media Won't Report

* "The End of America? It's Not That Hard to Imagine" (Frank Miele, Real Clear Politics)

* "As Biden doubles down on his War on Energy, prices keep shooting up" (New York Post Editorial Board)

* "Have you ever prayed to be wrong?" (A Covid-related article) (Terry Paulding, American Thinker)

* "Chicago schools training says sex 'not rooted in biology,' -- tells teachers to hide gender pronouns from parents" (Sam Dorman, Fox News)

* "Cuomo health department admits New York nursing home deaths topped 12,743 - 49% HIGHER than previously reported" (Stephen M. Lepore, Daily Mail)

* "California trans child molester, 26, gets 2 years in juvenile facility thanks to progressive DA Gascon" (Audrey Conklin & Michael Ruiz, Fox News)

Oh, My! (The Latest Compilation of Must-Read Articles)

* "The border gets worse and worse" (Byron York, Washington Examiner)

* "GOP can’t complain about Biden’s migrants when they’re not stepping in" (Miranda Devine, New York Post)

* "Biden’s mask has slipped" (Freddy Gray, Spectator)

* "The COVID-19 Storyline Is the Greatest Scam in World History – The Truth Is This Is a 'Pandemic of the Vaccinated'" (Wayne Allyn Root, Town Hall)

* "Joe Biden and the Uses of Nihilism: America is battling an epidemic far worse than the Omicron plague." (Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness)

* "Anti-Asian Discrimination at the Heart of the Progressive Education Agenda" (Wenyuan Wu, Minding the Campus)

* "The BBC Quietly Censors Its Own Archives" (Charles C. Cooke, National Review)