Wednesday, October 18, 2023

A Quick Update from the Ozarks

 Our annual 2-week working vacation actually began with a quick trip to Wichita to visit my little sister Sherry who still deals with early (and quite severe) dementia. But we were blessed to have the presence in this visit of my youngest brother Ric and his wife Ellen who had taken some time off work to travel from Denver to see Sherry too. It was an emotional, memorable reunion as our visits with Sherry produced many blessings…but no small amount of heartbreak as well. Lord, please grant my little sister Your peace.

Leaving Wichita on Saturday afternoon, Claire and I enjoyed a really lovely, pastoral drive along Highway 400 across Kansas towards Joplin. And, as we drove, we finished listening to the extraordinary recording of C.S. Lewis’ “Prince Caspian: Called Back to Narnia” from the Focus on the Family radio series. Like all of the shows in their “Chronicles of Narnia” series, it was outstanding. (By the way, we had listened to the recording of “The Horse and His Boy" on our way down to Wichita.)

The Branson part of the working vacation began on Sunday morning when I recorded the sermon for that afternoon’s Aksarben Village church service and sent it back for Keith to present. Later that day, we fed ducks on Lake Taneycomo (a tradition we will enjoy a few more times in our stay), had a late lunch out at a restaurant we had never tried before (and will never need to try a second time), bought Claire a couple of sweaters at Bass Pro Shop, and relaxed with books that evening. Claire is  reading “Ben-Hur” while I’m spending a splendid time in Charles Dickens’ “Nicholas Nickleby.”

Monday and Tuesday found us walking the 5.4 mile Table Rock Lake Trail which we will try to do on most of the days we’re here. And though it’s a regular feature of our time in Branson, each prayer-walk along the Lake is still very much a highlight. We have written quite a few letters and texts, taken a few drives through the Ozarks, made some decisions about the Spiritual Disciplines booklet we will soon be offering, worked together on a literature-oriented project, and enjoyed a London Fog at the Vintage Paris coffee shop in Hollister.

And one more really cool highlight from these first few days – We were honored and delighted to enjoy stimulating fellowship with dear friends and colleagues of some 50 years, Gary & Cherry Warrick, over a meal at the College of the Ozarks’ Keeter Center. What an unexpected surprise. But that’s not all. Joining us for this party were Jack & Linda Arant, Christian champions who, before yesterday, we knew only by reputation but who now we are pleased to count as friends as well. Lord, thank You so much for that meeting, for the other gifts and ministry opportunities You’ve brought our way thus far, and for those things You will bring our way.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Top 5 (October 14)

* "Hamas Attack Is A Warning To America About The Risks Of Our Open Border" (Chuck DeVore, Federalist)

* "Iran’s Role in Hamas’ Attack on Israel" (Jason Bedrick, Daily Signal)

* "Hamas and Amoral Clarity" (Victor Davis Hanson, Blade of Perseus)

* "How Painful is Medication Abortion? Plenty!" (Dave Andrusko, NRL News)

* "Obama’s Coming Fourth Term" (Katya Sedgwick, American Mind)

And a bonus selection this week which adds to the information in #5 above is "The Specter Of Barack Obama’s Deeply Held Anti-Israel Ideology Hovers Over Israeli Attacks" (Mark Hemingway, Federalist)

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

The Darkness Getting To You?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the forces of evil gathered around you? 

Remember Psalm 68:17: “The chariots of God are myriads, thousands upon thousands; the Lord is among them as at Sinai, in holiness.” 

Spiritual realities cannot always be seen or felt. But they can certainly be believed. So take courage, look forward to your eternal inheritance, and stay the course. 

“Do not fret because of evildoers or be envious of the wicked for there will be no future for the evil man. The lamp of the wicked will be put out.” (Proverbs 24:19-20)