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Evolution: The Worst Pseudo-Science Scam of Them All

Throughout the month of July, I will be posting here on Vital Signs Blog various articles, quotations, and references to trustworthy sources dealing with the ethereal, though insistent, claims about evolution. I do so because evolution theories have had such an enormous effect on current culture – an effect that has been devastating to the max on everything from education to politics to art to religious practice to the gross hindrance of genuine scientific inquiry itself. 

So stay tuned.

For the first entry, here’s a nifty 10-minute video video exploring the remarkable lack of empirical foundations for what evolutionists insist is "one of their best" arguments. So, cmon; let's check out this "whale of a tale."

The Top 5 (June 29)

* "America Is In Shambles Because Of Democrat Policies, Not Just Joe Biden" (Kylee Griswold, Federalist)

From the article -- The jig is up. Here’s what disillusioned Democrats and independents and moderates need to know. What all the blue-state refugees who now live in Texas and Florida instead of California and New York City need to admit. What all the fed-up middle-class families and forgotten nonwhite voters in the suburbs need to remember: These aren’t just Joe Biden policies that are disastrous. They’re Democrat policies. 

Abortion. Economy. Crime. Immigration. Lawfare. Foreign policy. Health care. It doesn’t matter what pet issue has voters down in the dumps. Democrats are in lockstep on the losing side. And anywhere they aren’t in lockstep — like on whether Israel is a victim of terrorism or a group of oppressive “colonizers” — they tow the radical line.

You think a Democrat switcheroo is magically going to secure the border and end the unmitigated illegal alien crime wave?...The same goes for Democrats’ abortion radicalism...On and on it goes. The foreign policy, welfare, and subsidy and bailout spending that have helped drive up inflation over the past three-plus years are Democrat policies, not just Joe Biden policies. The soft-on-crime ideology, push for self-styled “progressive” district attorneys, and defund-the-police movement, among other perversions of justice, are again Democrat pet projects, not a Biden-unique quirk.

* "What I Saw at a Terrorist Rally Outside a Synagogue" (Daniel Greenfield, Gatestone Institute)

From the article -- LAPD officers did not stir as confrontations escalated into assaults, shoving into mace and bear spray. Jewish community members rushed to provide water bottles to the affected. Only after several such incidents did the LAPD finally bring in reinforcements and push the Hamas supporters away from the synagogue entrance (dispersing them to harass and threaten two other synagogues) while also clearing Jewish families away from the other side of the street who had been peacefully waving flags near a children's school.

The terrorist hate rally spread outside three synagogues, Congregation Adas Torah, Chabad Persian Youth, and Congregation Ateret Israel (Glory of Israel), and the confrontations in the center of the street continued. There were running battles along the large commercial street, with violent assaults outside a kosher luncheonette and running battles down a residential street in the Jewish neighborhood.

The terrorist hate rally was not an aberration, It's become the new normal.

* "‘A Complete Disservice’: SCOTUS Ruling Encourages Future Government Censorship, Experts Warn" (Ben Johnson, Washington Stand)

From the article -- The majority opinion will only encourage government to continue censoring speech via a third party, according to the 34-page dissent written by Justice Samuel Alito and joined by Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch. The court has a duty to uphold people’s unalienable rights but, by dodging the substantive issues at hand, it “shirks that duty and thus permits the successful campaign of coercion in this case to stand as an attractive model for future officials who want to control what the people say, hear, and think. That is regrettable.” While the Biden administration’s censorship campaign “was more subtle than the ham-handed censorship found to be unconstitutional” in previous Supreme Court cases, “it was no less coercive. And because of the perpetrators’ high positions, it was even more dangerous.”

“It was blatantly unconstitutional, and the country may come to regret the Court’s failure to say so. Officials who read today’s decision … will get the message. If a coercive campaign is carried out with enough sophistication, it may get by. That is not a message this Court should send,” wrote Justice Alito.

* "What to Do When Pope Francis Tells You Not to Pray the 'Rogue' Psalms" (Jules Gomes, The Stream)

From the article -- There are several problems with Francis’s exhortation. Who is to decide which verses are palatable and which are offensive? The Roman hierarchy has a track record of misinterpreting and suppressing the Scriptures. Most Catholic biblical scholars are embarrassed by this but honest enough to quietly set aside the grotesque errors of the past.

Rome refused to use the Bible’s Hebrew and Greek manuscripts for centuries, and banned biblical scholars from using scientific methods of criticism until the restrictions were lifted by Divino Afflante Spiritu in 1943. Only in the Nova Vulgata of 1979 did the Vatican correct the grotesque copyist’s error of Genesis 3:15: “she [Mary] shall crush your head” instead of “he [Jesus] shall crush your head.”

How odd that God should inspire the Psalter for pre-modern man and not for Francis’s “modern man,” who is presumably far more enlightened and has the luxury of sanitizing the Psalter according to Enlightenment sensibilities. Francis’s appeal to novelty (argumentum novitatis) is a logical fallacy.

Of course, in one sense, the Psalms reflect a historical context and a religious mentality that are no longer ours. This is true of the entire Bible. But Francis would be surprised how the “religious mentality” of the Psalter that he so breezily dismisses is still very much alive in non-Western cultures.

* "From Darwin to Orwell: How the global tyranny began" (Niall McCrae, TCW)

From the article -- Arguably the most important event in modern history was publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in 1859. This came at a convenient time for the ruling class. Darwin’s thesis had two radical implications: it undermined the accuracy of holy scripture, and removed the special status of human beings. Such departure from Christian teaching led to Social Darwinism, an offshoot of evolutionary theory based on the notion that philanthropic society was nurturing the weak (upending survival of the fittest).

The Industrial Revolution had created a vast and potentially unruly working class, who were beginning to gather strength through the labour movement and political representation. The upper class feared for their future. This was the context in which Darwin’s nephew Francis Galton founded the pseudoscientific endeavour of eugenics.

The quest to improve the quality of human stock took hold in the intelligentsia, medical profession and politicians. Notable in the  eugenics movement was the Fabian Society, which controlled the Labour Party. Fundamental to eugenics is state control over who should live or die, a philosophy brutally applied after the Bolshevik revolution imposed on the mostly peasant populace of holy Russia.

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The Top 5 (June 22)

* "The Hidden Hurt behind Pride Month and Sexual Rebellion" (Suzanne Bowdey, Washington Stand)

From the article -- The reality, Pullman explains, is that “people who have unstable families where children are not growing up in the homes with their two biological married parents [are] much more likely to identify as queer. And then on the flip side,” she continues, that kind of family trauma can also express itself in “a lack of natural identity [that] God has given each of us as man and woman…” She goes on to say that these young people grow up to be much more likely to engage in “every sign of personal distress,” including crime, teen pregnancy, and LGBT identification.

So, the “sexual chaos that children are experiencing,” Joy says, is what she sees “as kind of a second-, third-generation consequence of our culture’s acceptance of feminism, no-fault divorce, and those other things. … And so all of these decisions that people are making absolutely affect each other.”

* "The media’s great awokening is alienating the masses: Audiences are fed up with newspapers, Hollywood and Big Tech all singing from the same woke hymn sheet." (Joel Kotkin, spiked!

From the article -- 

* "An Open Letter from Herta Muller" (A Nobel Prize winning writer has written a shocking wake-up call to the West regarding the madness that has gripped parts of Western society since Hamas attacked Israel. Published in Truth of the Middle East)

From the article -- That is why the whole country has been traumatized, because the founding of the state of Israel was intended to protect against such pogroms. And until October 7, it was believed to be protected. Although Hamas has been sitting on the state of Israel’s neck since 1987. The Hamas founding charter clearly stated that the destruction of the Jews was the goal, and that “death for God is our noblest wish”.

Even though there have been changes to this charter since then, it is clear that nothing has changed: the destruction of the Jews and the destruction of Israel remain the goal and desire of Hamas. This is exactly the same as in Iran. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the destruction of the Jews has also been state doctrine since its foundation, that is, since 1979.

When talking about the terror of Hamas, Iran should always be included in the discussion. The same principles apply, which is why big brother Iran finances, arms and makes little brother Hamas its henchman. Both are merciless dictatorships. And we know that all dictators become more radical the longer they rule.

* "Supreme Court's decision on abortion drugs: A wake-up call for church leaders" (Josue Sierra, Christian Post)

From the article -- The fact remains that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has failed to abide by its legal obligations to protect the health, safety, and welfare of girls and women. Sadly, the ruling allows these dangerous drugs to remain widely accessible without proper medical oversight. This decision should challenge Christian pastors and church leaders to play a more active role in providing moral clarity, and educating and warning their congregations about the true danger and risks of abortion.

As Senior Counsel Erin Hawley of Alliance Defending Freedom notes, "The FDA recklessly leaves women and girls to take these high-risk drugs all alone in their homes or dorm rooms, without requiring the ongoing, in-person care of a doctor." The FDA's own label warns that approximately one in 25 women who take chemical abortion drugs will end up in the emergency room. This alarming statistic highlights the physical risks associated with these drugs and the need for increased awareness and support within our churches.

* "True and False Abortion History: It’s not true that abortion was unregulated in America before 1821." (John Grondelski, Human Life Review)

From the article -- As to Arizona’s “archaic” 1864 law, I would send readers to a far-too-neglected masterpiece of legal reasoning: then-Justice William Rehnquist’s dissent in Roe v. Wade. Roe was decided in 1973 by a 7-2 vote; Justices Byron White and Rehnquist dissented. White’s dissent is much better known for its memorable phrase that the ruling was “an exercise of raw judicial power.”

Rehnquist’s dissent, less quoted, is a masterpiece of historical research. Although the Supreme Court in Roe could not decide for sure just where in the Constitution the “right to abortion” was to be found, one of the preferred candidates was the 14th Amendment and its “due process” clause. That amendment was ratified in 1868, when most states had enacted laws protecting the unborn against abortion. Twenty-eight states were required to ratify the 14th Amendment; as Rehnquist shows, 36 states had anti-abortion laws on the books, a considerable number of them — including Arizona (then a territory) — in the 15 years before the 14th Amendment.

Why is that important? Well, if the 14th Amendment grounds the “right to abortion,” how is it that nobody — not in Congress, not in the 28+ state legislatures that ratified it — ever suggested the Amendment had anything to do with abortion, much less required it to be legal? Many of those states were also enacting pro-life laws in that era, so it’s not that the question was forgotten. The same Congress that passed the 14th Amendment even passed some abortion restrictions for the territories.

* "The tragedy of Net Zero for the world’s poor." (David Wright, The Conservative Woman)

From the article -- IT HAS been calculated that the West spends half a trillion dollars a year on the futile attempt to ameliorate the non-existent effects of the global warming catastrophe hoax. I suspect that it is considerably more than that. Meanwhile all the world’s poor live shorter lives, struggle to put even basic food on the table, cook on open fires of wood and dung inside their homes where they inhale the smoke, walk miles to fill buckets with water to wash and drink and after sunset live in the dark with no electric lights. All this without even considering the availability of medical care which we take for granted and so often abuse.

In Africa alone almost half a billion people live in abject poverty. Add to these the slum-dwellers of India, Bangladesh and many South American countries and a picture emerges of intolerable living conditions in the 21st century for a large percentage of mankind. Many of us, nay, most of the rest of us, are unaware how awful this is and blissfully enjoy the comfortable, plentiful lives we lead.

The Net Zero zealots are certainly fully aware of this but they don’t care that Net Zero will prolong this situation, probably for ever. At least one group of green nutters has actually admitted this.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Top 5 (June 15)

* "One in three female voters wants a party to win her vote on abortion" (Matt Lamb, Human Life Review)

From the article -- Among female registered voters, 22% say they do not trust either candidate on abortion, while 13% are “not sure.” An almost equal amount (34%) have trust issues with both political parties on abortion.

This shows an opening for pro-life candidates and the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is clear on its position: legalize abortion through the moment of birth, mail abortion drugs across the country and hand them out at Walgreens, and force taxpayers to support the killing of preborn babies. Democrats also want pregnancy resource centers closed.

Republicans have been a bit murkier on their plans, with some favoring a national abortion ban, some wanting the issue left up to the states, and some probably not wanting to talk about the issue at all.

But the fact the Democrats have not won over one in three female voters with their position shows there is room for pro-lifers to shift the Overton Window and get voters to support the party that is more opposed to abortion."

* "Stemming the Tide: Denny Speaks to the Nebraska Abortion Ballot Controversy" (Denny Hartford, Vital Signs Blog)

From the article -- "And yes, just such a constitutional amendment is being advocated even now for Nebraska. It is called the Protect Our Rights amendment and it is enthusiastically and financially backed by the mega-abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood, the Nebraska chapter of the ACLU, and other groups and individuals representing the most extreme of the anti-life ideologies. Their goals are clear. Among them ? No limits whatsoever (not even health and safety regulations) on abortion. No laws to protect preborn boys and girls even from late term destruction. No informed consent. No parental consent -- not even parental notification. Zero accountability for abortionists. Yet more tax funding of abortionist businesses. (Planned Parenthood alone rakes in hundreds of millions from the government every year.) The denial of conscience clauses which would thus require pro-life medical personnel to participate in abortions. And the aggressive prohibition of such historic freedoms as speech and assembly when they involve pro-life sidewalk counselors, public rallies, and even pregnancy aid centers.

Exposing the horrible effects of this wildly radical abortion amendment must be the Christian’s most urgent and critical response. And I cannot emphasize this too strongly."

* "The chilling rise of the Hamas red triangle: Anti-Israel bigots have adopted the terror group’s propaganda symbol to threaten and intimidate Jews." (Daniel Ben-Ami, spiked!)

From the article -- "This attack on the homes of Pasternak and other board members comes on the back of countless other anti-Semitic incidents in New York, the city with the largest Jewish population in the world. These include a keffiyeh-sporting mob on a subway carriage chanting ‘Raise your hands if you’re a Zionist – this is your chance to get out’; protesters shouting ‘Israel go to hell’ outside an exhibition memorialising those slaughtered by Hamas at the Nova music festival; and the long-running anti-Israel protests at Columbia University. No wonder one leading Jewish magazine is asking whether New York is over for Jews.

The use of the inverted red triangle to target Pasternak’s home is particularly chilling. This symbol is directed at anyone deemed to be pro-Israel or who does not explicitly condemn the Jewish State."

* "The West Is Sick of the New Woke Jihadism" (Victor Davis Hanson, Daily Signal)

From the article -- "So woke jihadism is not an ecumenical concern for the oppressed, the occupied, the collateral damage of war, or the fate of refugees. Instead, it is a romanticized and repackaged anti-Western, anti-Israel, and antisemitic jihadism that supports the murder of civilians, mass rape, torture, and hostage-taking.

But what makes it now so insidious is its new tripartite constituency."

* "Unequal Application Of The Law In America Today Isn’t Hypocrisy, It’s Hierarchy" (John Daniel Davidson, Federalist)

From the article -- "As tempting as it is to call out the hypocrisy here — teenagers hunted down and charged for defacing a pride mural, no punishment at all for a mob of left-wing protesters defacing national monuments — that would miss the point. This isn’t hypocrisy on display, it’s hierarchy.

When you see harsh punishments for those who dissent from the regime on the one hand, but total leniency (and tacit regime endorsement) for those who are essentially regime enforcers on the other hand, what you’re seeing is a display of power. Its purpose is to communicate to the rest of the country who has power and who doesn’t, who is protected and who isn’t."

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Stemming the Tide: Denny Speaks to the Nebraska Abortion Ballot Controversy

In the summer of 2022, there was great rejoicing among American Christians at the long-prayed for move of the Supreme Court to reverse 1973’s horrific Roe v Wade decision that had so twisted law, science, history, and civilized moral standards to unleash the “silent holocaust” of abortion upon preborn boys and girls. As the decades of “legalized” child-murder wore on -- legalized” but always abominable to God -- Christians had almost given up hope of ever seeing their prayers answered regarding Roe’s fall.

And yet, in the matchless grace of God, He gifted our nation with the Dobbs decision. And by so doing, God gave America one last chance to repent of the blasphemy and blood guilt, the cowardice and compromise, and the appeasing apathy that had allowed those many millions to die such a cruel and unjust death.

But what, in fact, has happened in the days since Dobbs? Well, it is a great tragedy to admit, but while Christians breathed a sigh of relief and accepted the Court’s decision as a victory, the devil took it as an opportunity -- an opportunity to push his gruesome abortion agenda even further. The media, long adamantly pro-abortion, started howling. Politicians at the highest levels of the present administration openly vowed to break the law in order to protect abortion. And the abortion industry itself, though depending more and more on chemical poisons to terminate the lives of preborn kids, nevertheless trebled its efforts to eliminate any and all restrictions on surgical abortions. 

In 7 states so far, extremist abortion measures have been enacted. That's right; the pro-life side has lost all 7 times! The ultimate outcome? Abortions without restrictions, without limitations, without conscience clauses to protect people who want no part of participating in what they believe to be a terribly immoral act. No common-sense regulation of abortionists whatsoever. The moral landscape will be far worse than even under Roe.

And yes, just such a constitutional amendment is being advocated even now for Nebraska. It is called the Protect Our Rights amendment and it is enthusiastically and financially backed by the mega-abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood, the Nebraska chapter of the ACLU, and other groups and individuals representing the most extreme of the anti-life ideologies. Their goals are clear. Among them ? No limits whatsoever (not even health and safety regulations) on abortion. No laws to protect preborn boys and girls even from late term destruction. No informed consent. No parental consent -- not even parental notification. Zero accountability for abortionists. Yet more tax funding of abortionist businesses. (Planned Parenthood alone rakes in hundreds of millions from the government every year.) The denial of conscience clauses which would thus require pro-life medical personnel to participate in abortions. And the aggressive prohibition of such historic freedoms as speech and assembly when they involve pro-life sidewalk counselors, public rallies, and even pregnancy aid centers.

Exposing the horrible effects of this wildly radical abortion amendment must be the Christian’s most urgent and critical response. And I cannot emphasize this too strongly. 

However, a statewide coalition of medical professionals and organizations who are long- standing champions of the sanctity of life -- organizations including Nebraska Right to Life, Nebraska Family Alliance, Students for the Life of America, Alliance Defending Freedom, several pro-life advocates associated with the Nebraska Catholic Conference, and others -- have pursued an additional strategy to keep Nebraska from falling into the same tragic abortion column as the other states I mentioned. These pro-life veterans conducted comprehensive and remarkably in-depth research into the opinions of Nebraska voters in order to determine the very best strategy to protect the pro-life gains earned in the Unicameral thus far as well as setting a foundation for ongoing protections of women and pre-born boys and girls in our state. 

The result? They created their own ballot initiative to counteract the Planned Parenthood one. It is called the Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment and it reads, “Except when a woman seeks an abortion necessitated by a medical emergency or when the pregnancy results from sexual assault or incest, unborn children shall be protected from abortion in the second and third trimesters.”

Now, of course, this doesn’t represent the ideal for which all pro-lifers pray and work (namely, the protection by both law and social practice of all preborn boys and girls). However, it seeks to save the most lives possible given the unavoidable political realities we currently face. This amendment has been criticized by a small number in the pro-life community because it honestly addresses the current opinions of Nebraska voters on abortion-related subjects. And despite the experience, depth of conviction, and proven integrity of the pro-life champions who crafted the Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment, some have criticized it as an unacceptable compromise. Some have even impugned the motives and character of the pro-life leaders who crafted the amendment and those in the general community who support it.  But please realize (and I say this as a pro-life veteran of over 40 years) that such charges are base, unwarranted, and extremely counter-productive. 

Remember, the Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment was carefully, prayerfully formed by pro-life leaders who, first of all, did the research into what is most likely to be accepted by Nebraska voters, and secondly, who have years of hard-fought experience in doing the best job possible in promoting the sanctity of human life in the trying, tumultuous arena which is the Nebraska Unicameral -- a convoluted legislative body at best and one where Ernie Chambers is likely to return in its next session.

Let’s face it; pro-life advocates who have had to work in the complex, confrontational cloud of modern politics have, for over 50 years, been required to work incrementally. That is to say, they strive to get the very most they can in pro-life legislation, to save what babies’ lives they can, to enlighten the general public as best they can, and to create precedents to fight for yet further protection of women and pre-born kids in the next battles. To call such people names, to deny the sincerity of their pro-life conviction, or in any other way, to belittle their valor and perseverance in their championing the sanctity of life over these long, hard decades is terribly foolish and wrong. 

And don’t miss a very relevant reality. The Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment would provide not only a safeguard for the legislative gains pro-life advocates have made in the last several years; it would also provide a foundation for us to go further in the months and years ahead. Indeed, contrary to the harshest criticisms, this amendment does NOT prevent future pro-life legislation, including a “heartbeat bill” or limitations (even prohibitions) of abortion drugs. Thus, the combination of protecting the ground we’ve gained thus far PLUS securing the opportunity of making new advances in the future is why such august bodies as Nebraska Right to Life and the other statewide pro-life groups I mentioned support it. Again, they know all too well that the amendment provides only an incremental step towards the protection of all human life. But it is NOT a surrender nor is it even a permanent compromise. It is simply a move to stop the enemy’s accelerating momentum, to defend the gains thus far achieved, and to set a foundation for future campaigns. 

But there is yet another player that has come onto the field -- a pro-life amendment entitled Choose Life Now.  Its purpose is noble and very ambitious; namely, protecting the right-to-life of preborn children in Nebraska. All preborn children. And right now. Dismissing the incremental approach altogether, this amendment is absolutist in its language. It reads, “A preborn child at every stage of development is a person. Wherever under Nebraska law the term ‘person’ is used or implied, it shall include such a child.”

The organizers of this effort have started pretty late in the game. Plus, they do not have the kind of statewide support system that has been established over the years by the groups backing the Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment. Therefore, even the organizers of this third abortion-related amendment admit they have a difficult task to even get on the ballot. And if they do succeed in that effort, the job of persuading enough Nebraska voters to accept the uncompromising language of the Choose Life Now amendment will be extremely tough. Nevertheless, the pro-life advocates behind this amendment are giving it their best efforts and their impassioned prayers. For just like those who support the Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment, they too want to save lives, serve women and families, and rebuild a culture of life in Nebraska. 

And that brings me to my closing remarks. Do I believe the Planned Parenthood-backed amendment is a horror of immeasurable danger? Yes, without a doubt. Therefore, it is to be fought by our most dedicated (and unified) prayers, public education, and principled advocacy. 

Do I believe that Christians can in good conscience sign and/or support either of the two pro-life amendments? Yes, I do. 

But, after a lot of prayers, a lot of conversation with pro-life colleagues, and sitting on our deck thinking through the options before us, Claire and I will be concentrating our efforts this summer and fall in exposing the pro-abortion amendment for what it is and the draconian evils it would unleash. That was our focus before either of the pro-life ballot initiatives were announced and that will remain the case. We hope you agree that is the most critical task before us.

Nonetheless, Claire and I have both signed the petition to put the Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment on the Nebraska ballot this fall. Our decision to do so reflects our deep respect and trust in the pro-life champions that have, after such in-depth research and consultation with pro-life leaders across the United States, created the amendment. We believe that, in addition to an all-out effort to persuade Nebraskans to pray, work, and vote against the unspeakably shameful pro-abortion amendment, the Protect Women and Children Nebraska amendment is the best way to defeat the evil intents of those who want ever-more deaths by abortion.

And one final word. Please do not allow the enemy to divide the pro-life community into camps. Do not allow yourself to yield to self-righteousness, pride, a competitive spirit, rash and/or unfair judgments, impatience, or unkindness in your efforts to do the Lord’s work in this critical campaign.  And do what you can to oppose those mean-spirited things when you see them in others. God forbid that we surrender this perspective in these oh-so-trying days.

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The Top 5 (June 15)

* "A Christian Response to Pride Month" (Suzanne Bowdey, Washington Stand)

* "Who Is Running Congress?" (Armstrong Williams, Daily Signal)

* "The Abortion Industry Owes Its Success To The Proliferation Of Feminism" (Carrie Gress, Federalist)

* "Little Pills That Kill" (2-minute video produced by Pro-Life Action Ministries, Vital Signs Blog)

* "NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers -- a fact they tried to hide" (Adam Andrzejewski, New York Post)

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What the Abortion Sellers Don't Tell Women About "Those Easy Pills"

Check out this extremely enlightening 2-minute video.

Vital Signs' June Newsletter Is Up

In this month’s edition of our LifeSharer, you’ll find items reflecting ministry activities, blog posts, open letters, and FYI updates. And if they seem to cover a lot of ground, that’s because they do! Indeed, that’s the nature of Vital Signs as Claire and I sincerely try 1) to serve the people that are right in front of us and 2) to counter the lies and wicked deeds of our corrupt culture with biblical truth. And, as you know, pursuing those goals keeps us very busy.

Among the topics in the newsletter this time around? Planned Parenthood is thriving; female athletes are being disrespected; a Nebraska abortion petition drive is in full force; VSM is very busy...and Sherry said, “Thanks.”

Check it all out right here.