Friday, June 13, 2014

What Should You Call An Abortionist?

What should be the descriptive term for doctors who perform abortions?

Well, let’s see now, the doctor who takes care of your feet is given a special designation for that particular field – he’s called a podiatrist. In the same way, one routinely refers to a heart doctor as a cardiologist. The doctor who gives you anesthetic before an operation is an anesthesiologist. And a doctor who treats the nervous system is a neurologist. So, doesn’t it simply make sense to use the term abortionist to describe a doctor who specializes in that particular...uh, operation?

Timothy Lamer, a writer for World Magazine, once conducted a search of America’s foremost newspapers in which he looked specifically at the nomenclature of abortion. In a one-month period, these newspapers had 39 references to dermatologists. Not even in one instance were they referred to as a skin doctor or skin care provider. But when it came to abortion, it was a much different story.

The word “abortionist” showed up only 8 times and almost all of those were used in the somewhat negative term "anti-abortionist." Ant that term applied, of course, to those people who believe preborn children shouldn't be killed.

But describing the fellows who perform the abortions, the newspapers used the term “abortion doctor” 21 times and “abortion provider” 36 times.

One can certainly understand an abortionist being ashamed to admit what he is in public. But why does the so-called independent, objective press strain so hard to provide cover for them?

That is a pretty clear example of cultural collusion...and journalistic irresponsibility.