Friday, June 13, 2014

Planned Parenthood Flunks Embryology 101

“Q: My friend says that life begins when the egg and sperm join together. I say that it begins when a baby takes its first breath. Which of us is right?”

That was the question once posed in a Q&A section of Planned Parenthood’s website. How did Dr. Vanessa Cullins, PP’s vice president for external medical affairs, answer it?

She wrote, “All kinds of people — theologians, philosophers, scientists, lawyers, legislators, and many others — hold very different views about when life begins. In fact, both the egg and the sperm are living things before they meet and join. There's no real argument there. The really hot question is, ‘When does being a person begin?’ Most medical authorities and Planned Parenthood agree that it starts when a baby takes its first breath.”

That answer, of course, is not merely incorrect. It is a lie.

“Most medical authorities” wouldn’t think of denying the clear and incontrovertible facts of embryology. Neither would practicing physicians, academics, parents, or the general public. But the greedy interests that run the nations’s largest abortion corporation? They make that absolutely preposterous claim because they don’t care a whit for science. Or morality. Or the lives of children. Or the longterm health and well-being of women.

No, Planned Parenthood cares about profit and the ongoing escalation of the abortion culture.

Lying is just part of the business plan.