Thursday, June 12, 2014

"The Security of Hope" (The Latest Letter from Vital Signs Ministries Is Up)

Dear Vital Signs friends,                                                                                           
The May LifeSharer letter was actually started twice but circumstances arising from an even busier-than-usual schedule last month interrupted both of those efforts.  The result is that the May LifeSharer has now morphed into a May/June LifeSharer!  So perhaps I should have made the salutation “Dear patient and understanding LifeSharer friends” for I know you have been very good in accepting with good grace those times (pretty rare actually) when we’ve been unable to get out our monthly letter. 

The fact is that even this LifeSharer is being written in a very hectic week, one that suggests June may be almost as packed as May.  This week includes Saturday morning prayers and public witness at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill, two early morning Panera’s meetings, a luncheon we’re hosting today for old friends, revising the next “When Swing Was King” volume, writing for Vital Signs Blog and the Book Den, writing this LifeSharer letter and getting it in the mail, mowing the lawn and working in the gardens, and conducting a funeral service in central Nebraska.

But what of those busy activities since our last letter? Well, since I hope to include a few thoughts about the Bible’s perspective on hope later on in this letter, I only have space for a few highlights…

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