Monday, March 24, 2014

Police Charge California Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Advocate

This is how the far-left think.

Even when a university denies freedom of speech — except for a little bitty, carefully drawn square of the university property — if a leftist professor decides she doesn’t like the nature of the speech conducted there, she is “morally justified” in taking actions of her own to deny that speech.

Indeed, she is justified in her own progressive mind to engage in threats, intimidation, vandalism, robbery, and physical assault!

And in doing so, she arrogantly insists to this moment that she is setting an excellent example for her students.

Fortunately, the police do not agree and, in this case at least, have acted in defense of justice. The professor (a Dr. Mireille Miller-Young, photo above, whose "scholarly fields" include black studies, pornography, and "sex work”) has been charged with three criminal counts.

Here’s more on this story from Nathan Harden at The College Fix.