Friday, February 07, 2014

Young Evangelicals Are AWOL in the Culture Wars

Chelsen Vicari had a provocative and challenging article published by the Christian Post a few days ago that you should definitely check out. It's entitled, "Are Young Evangelicals Kissing the Culture Wars Goodbye?"

The sad answer, as you may already know, is “Yes, they are.”

Here are a few excerpted paragraphs from her report. 

...Evidence pointing to a fast-growing spiritual and moral decline cannot be ignored. Baptists are America's largest Evangelical bloc. Yet, many young Baptists are abandoning their traditional values, largely admitting that they no longer see church as a relevant part of their lives. During his remarks to the 2001 SBC Executive Committee, SBC Vice President at the time, T. C. Pinckney, made an astonishing admission. He stated that research revealed approximately 70 percent of teens involved in a Baptist youth group were leaving the church within their first two years of college.

Even at this past annual March for Life, the disparity between young Evangelicals and young Catholics was obvious. Do not misunderstand me. Tens of thousands of culture warriors avidly marched down the national mall amid frigid temperatures and with numb fingers and toes in protest of abortion. But the high school and college faces were predominately Catholics.

The reason for this Evangelical spiritual decline is not solely due to the influence of a Leftist sitting President or moral-less reality TV culture, as several analysts would say. The problem is not just politics. Nor is it merely secular society. No, I am sorry to say that the causation of the Evangelical identity problem is unraveling within the walls of our own sanctuaries.

Out of fear of being falsely dubbed "intolerant" or "uncompassionate," many young Christians are buying into the theological falsehoods from popular liberal Evangelical writers and preachers. However, their "feel-good" theology sidesteps all Biblical principles that are exclusive or constricting. In order to market their distorted version of Christianity to the masses, liberal Christian elites stress the importance of salvation from poverty, inequality, and oppression rather than forgiveness of sins through Christ...

Read the article in full right here.