Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Democrats Are Into "Shut Downs" Now. Here's One of Hillary's.

In the Darwinian world of media and politics, hardly any primal force compares to Clinton Clout.

This week’s serial cancellations of two television productions focusing on Hillary Clinton—a CNN documentary and an NBC miniseries, both of which were announced months ago to great fanfare, controversy, and bitter complaints from her partisans and detractors—prove once again that she and her presidential husband have not only triangulated the power map, they’ve pretty much drawn it.

“Lights, camera, no reaction,” crowed Nick Merrill, Hillary’s spokesman since she left public office as secretary of state; he’s one of many operatives and supporters who are busy burnishing and safeguarding her brand as she prepares for a potential White House run...

Here's the rest of "How Team Clinton Shut Down the CNN and NBC Hillary Shows" by Lloyd Grove in the Daily Beast.