Monday, September 30, 2013

ObamaCare Requires You to Pay for Abortions

Why will there be coverage for potentially abortion-inducing, cancer-causing contraception in my healthcare plan?

Because Obamacare gave the Department of Health and Human Services the authority to label pregnancy as a “preventable disease.” Treatments of these “diseases” must be covered at 100% in all
insurance plans nationwide starting Jan 1, 2014. These drugs are considered ways to “prevent the disease” of pregnancy.

If I give money to a charity, will my donation be used to fund
abortion coverage in their employee health care plans?

Probably yes, unless that organization has refused to comply and
pays massive fees or dropped their employee health insurance plans.

Even if I find a health insurance plan with no abortion coverage, will my tax dollars be used to give subsidies to those who normally couldn’t purchase health care and chooses abortion in their plan?


Guys, this is a "Yipes moment" of the first degree. Prayers and citizen action are much-needed. Here are more details about ObamaCare's requirements that you pay for abortion. Check out the web site, "We Demand Abortion Free Health Care."