Friday, December 28, 2012

Got the Proper Perspective on Work?

One of the values I frequently stress in the sermons I preach at Faith Bible Church is the high calling of a Christian's work. For though it is certainly true that the Fall affected man's (and woman's) work and made it more toilsome and problematic, work itself was a blessing given to Man before the Fall.

Therefore, work is a good and very important thing, a gift that allows us profound satisfaction as we serve as stewards of God's creation; indeed, as we express our being made in the image of God by using our talents to be co-creators with Him.

Work is not to be separated from our religious life. It is an integral part of it. And rather than treat work as merely secular activity or as a necessary means by which to live the "other" parts of our life or as only a platform to evangelize co-workers, work itself should be presented as part of our ongoing worship of God.

But enough from me. Let my remarks just be an introduction to this more thorough and better expressed essay from Sue Bohlin, an ever-relevant essay that she wrote for Probe Ministries entitled, "Your Work Matters to God: A Christian Perspective."

Good stuff.