Friday, December 28, 2012

A Few Thoughts on the Day's News

* "Free condoms to be dispensed by Philadelphia high schools"

Let's add it up. Abysmal academic performance, major safety concerns, bullying, negative peer pressure, the constant marginalization (if not all out mockery) of traditional religious values, training in promiscuity, and so on. This is what we're paying oodles of money for? And this is where we willingly dump our kids? Sigh.

* "Grim milestone: The 500th homicide in Chicago"

Do you wonder why the mainstream media is AWOL on this horror story? Could it be because Chicago is one of the most Democrat-dominated cities in the country? Or is it because it presents the utter failure of the welfare state, especially in how Nanny State programs have destroyed the family and banished the civilizing effects of religion?

* Regarding voter fraud...

Tip of the iceberg? Of course. So why won't the G.O.P. get serious about protecting democracy? We desperately need voter I.D. laws, fair and effective voting machines, non-partisan oversight, harsh penalties for vote fraud crooks -- and tough enforcement of all of these.

* "Halloween decorations carry haunting message of forced labor in China"

If the West truly had a free press (let alone a press concerned about justice, truth and compassion), this story would be dominating the headlines, airwaves and TV networks.

* "Krauthammer slams Obama for ‘illegal and unconstitutional’ regulatory overreach"

The "regulatory cliff" is as dangerous to democracy as the "fiscal cliff" is to the nation's economy. The Obama administration has been strikingly egregious in making new law -- not by the Constitutional process of working with Congress and the people, but merely by autocratic decree. Freedom is being tortured and will eventually be killed not by bombs but by a thousand paper cuts administered by heartless government-union clerks.