Friday, December 14, 2012

Carefully Considering the Birth Control Pill

Over on Randy Alcorn's blog is a brief post linking readers to a recent article decrying the move of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to recommend to the FDA that "birth control pills" be available over the counter.

And a main reason Christians should be outraged over the ACOG move is that all "birth control pills" contain in their chemical makeup an abortifacient action.

You heard me right. All so-called "birth control pills" have three effects on a woman's body. Two of them are contraceptive actions. But the third severely thins the uterine lining of the woman's womb so that if a child is conceived (and "breakthrough ovulation" occurs a lot more than what most people realize), that child is unable to attach to the uterine wall.

The tiny child dies. Secretly and unmourned.

Here at Vital Signs, we have opposed the "birth control pill" for all 30 years of our ministry. The scientific evidence of its lethal effects is just too strong to ignore. In Randy's blog post, he provides a link to the comprehensive study he himself wrote many years ago, a study that provides a clear answer (from science and theology) to the question, Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?

You can even get a free copy there at Eternal Perspective Ministries.

If you'd prefer something a bit shorter, Vital Signs Ministries also has a couple of articles you should check out. They are both on the VSM website and, interestingly enough, both were cited in Randy's book. Those articles are "Gambling With Life," and "The New Abortionists: Chemical Abortion in Contemporary Culture."

You would also do well to enhance your understanding of this issue (and sharpen your skills in communicating the case to others) by looking at a few of these pill-related posts from Vital Signs Blog:

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By the way, also in Randy's article is this link for the Food and Drug Administration so that you can pass along your principled opposition to the ACOG's recommendations.

Thank you, Randy Alcorn. For among everything else you have done in stimulating and equipping the Church to love and good deeds for the Master's glory, you have continued a strong and steady ministry in behalf of the sanctity of life. Way to go.