Friday, August 03, 2012

Why All the Losers, Lunkheads and Deadbeat Dads?

Janet Crouse has an excellent column in the Washington Times which details how feminism has used the education system and, more powerfully still, the entertainment industry to elevate women far above their bumbling, stumbling, coarse and clueless opposite sex.

The article is entitled, "Sacrificing Boys to Promote Girls: Pop Culture Is Producing Male Losers." And like all of Crouse's work (Janet Crouse is a respected author and veteran Christian activist who currently serves as senior fellow at Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute), the article is thorough, well-documented and persuasive.

Here are a few excerpts:

Casual observation of popular culture reveals that boys and men increasingly are being portrayed negatively, in contrast to women, who invariably are seen as more competent, efficient, successful and in charge. Television and Hollywood movies are producing a tsunami of negative stereotypes depicting guys as losers. The typical male portrayed in the entertainment media is clueless, socially inept, irresponsible and immature. He invariably disappoints the women around him and makes thinking people grimace with his callous, self-centered behavior…With girls and women, though, the stereotype is of a smart, witty, take-charge leader who is never at a loss for words, acts appropriately and can be counted on in a crisis…

Children, teens and many adults are, of course, influenced by such stereotypes. They see trendy and popular stars and celebrities as role models from whom they learn and whom they imitate in their own behavior and interactions with others. Decades of such indoctrination have had an effect…

Radical feminism’s disrespect for men and manliness has been especially harmful for children’s well-being because it calls into question all adult authority, including their fathers’. Cartoons, popular movies and television programs portray dads and other male authority figures as out of touch, old-fashioned and prudish. Children regularly are bombarded by derogatory media images of adults who respect or exemplify traditional moral values. Such adults typically are held in contempt, subtly mocked or openly ridiculed. Males in positions of authority and men who hold traditional values and beliefs often are portrayed as buffoons whom no one respects or admires.

The late D. James Kennedy explained that one of the most tragic aspects of our lack of positive adult male role models in our increasingly fatherless culture is that children without fathers of their own seek ersatz fathers, or they seek love in all the wrong places and end up taking out their frustrations and anger by wreaking havoc on society. The end result, too often, is gangs of predators threatening the safety of communities and neighborhoods.

Is it any wonder that many women lament the lack of suitable mates? Is it surprising that marriage rates are at their lowest in American history? Immature, ill-educated men who are unprepared to assume the responsibility of forming and supporting a family are not good husband material. Unfortunately, that doesn’t keep them from siring babies and then leaving their girlfriends to raise the children as best they can. Sadly, radica feminism’s emphasis on women’s liberation has produced a culture that neglects and even disrespects and denigrates men. Ultimately, that is hurting the nation’s girls and women, too.