Friday, August 03, 2012

Eternal Impact: A Story of Cowboy, War Hero & Christian Leader, Ken Korkow

Some of the readers of Vital Signs Blog will already know a bit about Ken Korkow. He has, after all, been involved in Christian men's ministry in Omaha for many years. But whether you know Ken a little, a lot, or not at all, you're going to find this newspaper article fascinating and inspiring reading.

It's a story of a young cowboy who experiences both the honors and the horrors of war (the Vietnam War) only to come home to face the spiritual battles which raged in his own soul. And just as this young war hero rescued his fallen compatriots at Khe Sanh, he too needed deliverance.

He finds it at the place where God provides rescue for us all -- at the foot of the Cross.

The article, very well written by Lance Nixon, was published on the front page of the Capital Journal, the newspaper of Pierre, South Dakota. And, like I said, you'll be enriched by reading it.