Friday, August 03, 2012

Obama's Joke Is On Obama

Acclaimed writer/reporter Andrew Malcolm (now working for Investor's Business Daily) tells about one of Barack Obama's recent jokes, a joke with an unintended but important meaning.

Barack Obama is in front of an audience of very rich people (Yes, President Obama likes some of the 1%, the ones that give him wads of cash and these had all paid $40,000 to hear his brief pitch) and he tells them this story: 

"This does also remind me of the season that we’re in. Jim Messina tells this story, my campaign manager. He was in some event, and this young couple who was there with their adorable four-year-old son, and I guess there was a picture of me somewhere, and so they were very excited.

"They said, 'Sammy, who’s that?' And he said, 'That's Barack Obama.'  'And what does Barack Obama do?' And the boy thinks for a second and he says, 'He approves this message.'"

Andrew Malcom then puts this joke into context:

Obama laughed and so did his wealthy audience. Because its members could afford to hear a different message straight from the source.

But no one, least of all Barack Obama, seemed struck by the fact that after all this time and all this money the only thing an American youngster in 2012 knows about the current President of the United States is that he approves the message in a political TV ad. And this oblivious Chicago South Sider finds that worth sharing publicly.

The thing is, Sammy's right. And that's not funny.