Monday, March 26, 2012

Education is a Religious Activity

Education by its very nature is a religious activity for learning will never be complete, never be correctly balanced, without a spiritually-sound foundation, motivation, and goal. 

Man is a creature made by the loving power of a personal God...and made in His express spiritual image.  No matter how one tries to turn off the flow of God’s love, or even of His revelatory truth, these are things man can never change. 

So why is it that American Christians are almost equally guilty as their pagan neighbors in treating education as something entirely secular?  How can it be that believers talk about the importance of a “fine education” and then consign their kids to places where authentic spirituality is at least absent and, more often than not, actually mocked and maligned?

This a sad and foolish act of capitulation to the world, acting as if the politically correct (but historically inaccurate) insistence on separating church and state requires also a separation of education from truth. 

So when you're thinking about Johnny's "education options" for next year, please consider carefully which ones offer the best protection from peer pressure, bullying, availability of drugs, coarse language, immodest dress, immoral sex ed programs, academic mediocrity, and unhealthy role models.

But consider too just which option will provide Johnny the best hope of having instructors and an academic curricula which acknowledge that man is a spiritual person, created by and responsible to Almighty God.

For any education worthy of the name must be built upon this solid foundation. For your children's sake, accept no substitutes.