Thursday, December 22, 2011

When You're In Medical Trouble, ObamaCare Is Not Your Friend.

A neurologist is called to the hospital in the middle of the night to treat an elderly patient who arrives with a brain aneurysm. The normal procedure would be immediate surgery to relieve the pressure on the brain.

Time is of the essence. Then, however, the surgeon realizes that the patient has insurance through one of the new government exchanges set up under ObamaCare and rethinks his treatment plan. The only prescribed treatment for which he will be reimbursed for this “unit” is “comfort care.”

This scenario was presented recently during a call to The Mark Levin Show on the topic of rationing health care...

The caller to The Mark Levin Show (who identified himself as a brain surgeon) had recently attended a meeting in Washington, D.C. where the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) presented its proposal for treating neurological patients under various scenarios. The caller made two very important points. First, he noted that HHS used the term “units” when speaking about patients. Second, he provided the example above which demonstrated that the standard “treatment” for a 70-year-old patient who arrives in an emergency room for a brain aneurysm is “comfort care” unless more comprehensive care is authorized by a medical review board. The verbally-engineered HHS proposal makes it much easier to limit or refuse treatment to elderly persons under the guise of “comfort” to “units.” The doctor noted that when he gets a call to treat a brain aneurysm in the middle of the night, he is not going to wait for a medical board from an insurance organization to review his decision; rather, he will do what is right to save a life—something that will no longer be the standard of care...

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