Monday, August 22, 2011

The Next Step in America's Cultural Devolution? Sex-Selection Abortions.

Sex-selection abortion?

Before you dismiss the thought, before you tell yourself that such cold-hearted brutality will never be tolerated here in America, please consider the lines of immoral extremity that we have already crossed: Wholesale abortion that is protected by law, even promoted and paid for by taxpayer dollars. Telemed abortion schemes where powerful, poisonous drugs are dispensed to young girls who haven't even seen a physician. Government requiring insurance companies to pay for abortions. The denial of parental and spousal rights regarding abortion decisions. Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. Lethal experimentation on human embryos. The removal of religious conscience protection.

Let's face the facts. In our post-Christian culture where the traditional boundary stones have been overturned and removed, things once deemed unthinkable have become, in a remarkably rapid order, ho-hum social policy. Considering then the religious devolution we've experienced in the last two generations and the ever-increasing depth of the "culture of me," why deny that the next steps in the path to barbarity are already underway?

The changing mindset regarding sex-selection abortion here in the United States was recently highlighted in an approving article in the New York Times. And that drew the following response from medical ethicist Wesley J. Smith.

The NYT certainly has been writing about our emerging brave new world of industrial procreative manufacture and quality control lately. Today’s installment discusses how a new blood test of the mom can detect gender at 7 weeks–without ultrasound that can bond a mother to her gestating child. So much easier that way to discard the unwanted wrong sex nuisance! Moreover, the wrong sex tissue bundle can be flushed away using RU 486 with no one the wiser! How wonderful that the whole eugenic process can be made less emotionally difficult for people for whom not just any baby will do.

IVF can also be used for sex selection. Pro lifers, we are told, should approve because it prevents abortion:

But clinics and some ethicists say this type of sex selection is more acceptable because it occurs before embryos are implanted, before pregnancy. “We’re trying to prevent the abortion,” said Dr. Jamie Grifo, program director for New York University’s Fertility Center. His and other clinics typically allow sex selection for couples with two or more children, parents interested in “family balancing,” adding a child of the opposite sex. “For someone who has two girls and wants to have a boy, so each sibling can grow up with brother and sister, what’s wrong with that?” Dr. Grifo said.”

It’s eugenics. Besides it isn’t  where the destruction of human life happens that matters to pro lifers, it is that nascent life is destroyed.

I do think this is a proper area for law and regulation. I also think this is an area where medical conscience should be protected. No medical professional should be forced to be complicit in the eugenic destruction of human life.