Monday, August 22, 2011

Communist China's War on Freedom (And Baby Girls)

“We have to accept the reality that Communist China is a strategic threat and a rival model of governance to the United States. And the reason, as the party of Reagan and Lincoln, we understand, as a free people — we understand our liberty, which comes from our creator, is the foundation of our security and the foundation of our prosperity.

The Communist Chinese regime in Beijing that butchered my generation in the streets of Tiananmen Square for quoting Jefferson and Madison believes that human liberty is a threat to state-provided security and prosperity. They are as wrong today as the Soviet Union was wrong in the 20th century, and I for one will not cede the 21st century to a Communist nuclear-armed dictatorship that tells you how many children you can have, that tells you if you can pass out Bibles, that tells you what Catholic Church you can attend, or tries to culturally commit genocide against the people of Tibet.”

That's straight (and much-needed) talk from Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter.  And you get more of the same from the editor-at-large of National Review Online, Kathryn Jean Lopez, in this very important column.