Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Is Not Always a Day of Rest

Yesterday was a long and rather arduous Sunday. Beginning with Claire feeling sick (it had begun the day before and worsened in the night), I drove on to church alone and was feeling pretty low. But the sermon lifted my spirits considerably -- the text I had selected was John 1:43-51 dealing with Jesus' call to Philip and Nathaniel -- and the brief fellowship after the service was a comfort too. Then a phone call home, in which Claire said she was feeling better after getting a little more sleep, was a blessing that lightened my mood still more. Thank you, Lord.

Indeed, Claire was feeling well enough to travel with me up to Blair, Nebraska to present "When Swing Was King" to an audience at Crowell Assisted Living facility. We had a wonderful time. It was our second presentation at this facility and so we are getting to know the layout and the staff better. And the residents were great fun. Several sang along with the songs. Several had stories to tell us along with their complements and thanks. And all were swaying to the music, tapping their toes, and laughing at the jokes I throw into the commentary. It was a really swell time.

But we were getting tired and Claire especially was running out of steam. But next on the agenda was the annual church business meeting back down in Omaha. As many of you know all too well, a church business meeting can be a...well, let's just say... a less than pleasurable experience. Especially when they run more than 3 hours. So by the time we got home, we were pretty done in. And then Claire reminded me that before us on Monday was an all-day meeting down in Lincoln. Those meetings were scheduled to start at 7:30 which meant there would be only 3-4 hours of sleep if I was going to fit in some blogging. So I decided I'd skip it today and get another couple of hours of sleep.

Uh, check that.

A booming thunderstorm woke us up a little after 3 this morning followed by a couple of hours of lightning, hard rain, high winds, and a few waves of hail. Nothing damaged -- except that night's repose I was looking for! So, enlivened by the knowledge that a strenuous Sunday was behind us, I've brewed a few cups of coffee and ended up putting blogging on the agenda after all. After a couple more posts, I'll take a cool bath, spend a little time reading in Joni Eareckson-Tada's Holiness in Hidden Places and be off for Lincoln.

And though a bit tired still, I'll be with Claire all day long.

And that makes any day one to look forward to.