Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Has the Country Become Bored with Obama?

Somewhere along the way, the once-soaring speeches of The Great Orator degenerated into longwinded clichés delivered in a grating, repetitive cadence.   The electric smile morphed into a frequent scowl.  Inspiring messages have given way to blaming everyone else for the lack of success of his policies and scolding his subjects for not "stepping up their game."  His every word seems politically calculated rather than anchored by principle.  He's shown little ability to electrify, motivate, persuade or unify anyone-except his political opposition.  The country seems tired of him.

How un-motivating is Obama as President?  He speaks to an America at war and rouses no patriotism.  He addresses a military audience without so much as mentioning victory (a word to which he has a particular aversion).  He takes a major policy address on troop levels in Afghanistan and ends up droning on about "green jobs."  Boring.  If there is a single memorable line from his multitude of speeches, please tell me; I already stopped listening --and I doubt that I am alone.

Internationally, his tenure has been demeaning. His unique contributions to American foreign policy include "Leading from behind;" embracing a gutless philosophy of American Un-exceptionalism; serial apologizing for America; and subjecting America to well-deserved lectures on economic policy by our Communist Chinese financial overlords.  And it's not as if any of this has endeared America to the world; from the Thames to Tel Aviv to Taiwan to Turkey, alliances are frayed.  Is this anything for voters to be excited about?  What does Obama's America stand for, anyway?

(An excerpt from Abraham Katsman's excellent essay, "Obama the Bore," in American Thinker.)