Tuesday, May 03, 2011

More from the Mail Bag

Here are a few more letters written by the Christian activists at Faith Bible Church at Sunday night's letter-writing party. Yesterday's posts included several related items: The Spirit of '76: A First Time Letter-Writing Event (a breakdown of the meeting and what our action targets were); a few examples of actual letters in Inside the Envelopes; one very important letter model that Nebraskans can (and should!) use in their own letters, Senator Brad Ashford, Please Let Those Pro-Life Bills Go!; and finally a general primer which you can print and save as reference, Tips on Letter Writing.

And, as I promised yesterday, here's just a few more:

* Dear Congressman Lee Terry,

Just wanted to write to thank you for your consistent and strong stand for LIFE and voting pro-life.  You represent the majority of Nebraska by your vote! Thank you for all you are doing.  My prayers continue for you.


* To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to ask Oak View Mall to require stores like Victoria’s Secret to demonstrate some degree of moral responsibility to the children and families who are forced to view the unnecessarily titillating exhibits of their products.  I do not oppose the store being in the mall, but do I oppose the blatant advertising displays.  Children in the mall should not be subjected to these.  Please put some reasonable display standards in place soon. Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter.


* Dear State Senator Lathrop,

Please lobby and vote to send LB 690 to the floor for the full legislature to consider.  Why any senator wouldn’t back this bill is beyond my understanding. Thanking you in advance.


* Dear Anne Sweeney and ABC,

I am writing an appeal to you to ditch the ABC pilot “Good Christian Bitches.” What an offense to women as well as Christians.  I doubt other faiths would be denigrated in this way.  As a woman, I trust you will do all that you can to eradicate this sexist profanity on television.  Thank you for your time and sensible action regarding this matter. Sincerely,


* Dear Senator Nelson,

Planned Parenthood should not be funded with taxpayer money.  They are, in effect, using taxpayer money for abortions.  As one who claims to be a pro-life senator, please help in defunding this.  This would also help in reducing the federal deficit. Thank you!

Steve T...

* Dear Dr. Eckman [President of Grace University],

We're doing a letter-writing party tonight and in addition to voicing our concerns to politicians, editors and business leaders, we are also taking some time to send thank you notes to saints who have served the Lord faithfully and who have helped the Church better understand her responsibilities to stand for Jesus in the public square. You have brought such leadership to Grace University and to the Heartland. We are very grateful. May God continue to bless and use you.

Card was then signed by all of those in attendance.

* Similar cards to the one above (with appropriate thank you messages and the signatures of us all) were also sent to such heroes as Ken and Joni Tada, the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling, the Nebraska Family Council and to all of the international missionaries supported by Faith Bible Church.