Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kay Orr Asks for Your Help in Passing a Parental Consent Law

This year, we have a great opportunity here in Nebraska to protect the health and welfare of minors by requiring that every minor seeking an abortion get their parent's consent first.

As you may know, abortionists in Nebraska only have to notify you if your child is seeking an abortion. And even then, do we know if they’re actually following the law? All young women deserve their parents' involvement and protection before making such a monumental decision.

Senator Lydia Brasch has introduced and prioritized LB 690, a bill that would make it mandatory that a minor daughter get a parent’s consent before she can get an abortion. This bill expands the rights of parents and protects our daughters from those that would attempt to exploit them.

I am asking for your help.  By moving this bill forward and into law, you will help to save lives.

Can you call your Senator to tell them to support LB 690, the parental consent bill?  Just visit this page to locate your Senator and their phone number.

If you aren’t able to call, can you send your Senator an email? Just visit the AUL Action website to enter your name and address to have an email with your support sent directly to your Senator.

Thank you for your help. Together, we will continue to roll back the evil of abortion in our state.

For Life,

Former Governor Kay A. Orr