Friday, September 24, 2010

Warning: Government Schools Are Dangerous to Your Kids

"The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled this week that Orono Middle School discriminated against a sixth-grade male student who wants to live as a female by only offering the student access to a gender-neutral bathroom. The Commission said it will work with the state education commissioner to add rules pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity, as it pertains to education, in the Maine Human Rights Act."

Ah, government schools! They take more and more of your money in order to teach your kids what you don't want them to know...while doing their dead level best not to teach them what they really should!

Then throw in the facts that the public schools are havens of politically correct nonsense, immodesty, sexually aggressive kids with few restraints, bullying, and head lice.

So, please remind me again. Why on earth do you send your kids in there?