Friday, September 24, 2010

Obama's Sense of Destiny

Pastor and educator, Dr. Jack Niewold, comments on the rigid ideology that drives "progressives" like Barack Obama -- and the need for Christians to be prepared, equipped and joyfully eager to counter socialistic schemes (however well-meaning) with the liberating truths of the Gospel.

Good analysis and a proper exhortation, Jack.

It is sometimes said that for liberals such as Mr. Obama, history is a proper noun. That is, they believe that there is a certain inevitability concerning their progressive program because it is predetermined. This is marxism, pure and simple, clothed in modern social democratic trappings. Islam believes the same about itself, though History is replaced by Allah.

For Mr. Obama, this historical destiny means that no sacrifice is too great in the remaking of America into—in his words—a “more perfect union.” We kid ourselves when we think that he will somehow come to his senses, or moderate his views. We have not, I believe, fully grasped the depth of his doctrinaire vision.

In his mind, he has already succeeded. Nationalized health care is but the chariot on which History is meant to speed forth, transforming not merely the delivery of health care in this country, but the very soul of the nation. For it is not a program he is after, but the conversion of our souls. No debt, no deficit, no social disruption, no sacrifice including a second term, is too great in the accomplishment of this holy crusade.

For our president, the historical inevitability of the New American is nothing less than Gospel. As you and I believe in the freedom of each of us to determine our own destinies through Jesus Christ, so he believes himself to be, like John the Baptist, the voice in the wilderness making straight the Way of the Lord. In view of this kind of certitude, resistance is futile. He intends to win.

My friends, I believe we are in the very struggle of our times. “Yes, we can repair the world,” he said. “Yes we can!” This election cycle is important in ways not known perhaps in our lifetimes, but it alone will not change the nature of the spiritual war we are approaching. We had better gird on the armor of God for what is ahead, or stand aside.

(Reprinted from Jack Niewold's Facebook page.)