Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mega-Rich Planned Parenthood Whines About Losing New Jersey Public Money

Part of Gov. Chris Christie’s belt-tightening plan for New Jersey was the termination of $7.5 million in public funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in the state, a decision Democrats in the legislature countermanded with a bill that cleared the Senate with a 30-10 vote — sufficient to override a veto. But when that veto came and the Democrats scheduled an override vote, Republicans in the legislature backed down, and the measure failed 23-17.

Now, Planned Parenthood facilities in the state are shuttering their doors...

Actually, at this point, Planned Parenthood is just whining about it and trying to get sympathy by saying they will close clinics. I'll wait until they do before applauding.

But it does reveal again how, despite making millions of dollars every year by murdering preborn boys and girls, Planned Parenthood still has the gall to demand millions more in tax money to keep their coffers full.

And remember the extremely shady "goings on" about where that tax money is disappearing?

See as examples: "Massive Planned Parenthood Fraud Lawsuit Allowed to Continue;" "You Want a Scandal? Look at the Millions Taxpayers Give to Planned Parenthood;" and "Planned Parenthood Is Getting Millions Of Your Tax Dollars."

Oh, but one thing I'll say concerning applause -- I certainly won't wait to applaud Gov. Christie's common sense responsibility. Way to go, ace.