Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taking Action Alerts to Heart

Claire, ever the winsome and principled Christian activist, warms to every Action Item that I post here. If only a few more would so act when injustice and immorality take the stage...well, you know what would happen -- blessings for our culture added to the forever blessings He gives to those who faithfully raise up His standard.

I asked her to write you a brief report about what happened after she read the "ella" post from yesterday.

After reading the item in yesterday’s Vital Signs Blog about “ellla,” I decided to e-mail the corporate headquarters of Walgreen's. I copied some of the information from the flyer that FRC put out (Denny linked to it in his post) and included that in my e-mail. I let them know that I like Walgreen's very much (it's my favorite store besides Ace Hardware) but I informed them politely that I would switch pharmacies if they were going to distribute “ella.”

Well, just a few hours after I sent the e-mail, I received a telephone call from the manager of the Walgreen's closest to our home. It's the one I regularly shop at. She said that both she and the pharmacist
had read through my e-mail but that neither were familiar with “ella.” She asked if it were perhaps listed under another name too. I repeated my concerns and also directed her to a website that had a lot more information about the drug. She promised they would check it out.

I was very impressed that Walgreen's responded so quickly and that they were willing to read the information about “ella.” I’ll be anxious to see if they decide to carry the drug or not. But, as always happens when you get evidence that your voice is being heard, I was encouraged to keep raising my questions, protests and thanks (whichever is called for) to the powers that be. Isn't that how you feel too?