Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama, Bolton Give Americans One More Reason to Vote G.O.P.

...However this ruling came out, it was only going to be the first round. Appeal is certain. But the gleeful Left may want to put away the party hats. This decision is going to anger most of the country. The upshot of it is to tell Americans that if they want the immigration laws enforced, they are going to need a president willing to do it, a Congress willing to make clear that the federal government has no interest in preempting state enforcement, and the selection of judges who will not invent novel legal theories to frustrate enforcement. They are not going to get that from the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Democrats.

Andy McCarthy has one of the best, most succinct reviews of Judge Bolton's muddle-headed veto of Arizona's immigration law. It's over here at NRO's The Corner.