Friday, July 30, 2010

Women Are Being Oppressed and Mutilated: Where Are the Feminists?

One can't help but wonder at (and be saddened by) the neglect of feminist concern towards such brutal injustices as sex trafficking, honor killing, genital mutilation and, as this video shows, breast ironing.

Indeed, Western feminists are often moved to outright rage when it comes to under-representation in clubs, the ERA, parental leave, discrimination against lesbians, or any limitations whatsoever on abortion (even ultrasound information laws or waiting requirements) and yet the aforementioned barbarities which torture and mutilate women, force them into cruel and degraded slavery, and even destroys them gets hardly a mention.

All women -- as well as all men -- need to find their voice against these terrible evils. We need to pray hard, move our governments to action, encourage the press to report on these outrageous acts of violence, and intercede directly through churches, missionary outreaches and relevant organizations including the anti-sex trafficking program of the Salvation Army and the child sex tourism prevention project of World Vision.

It's not enough to shake our heads in sadness or disgust. Nor is it enough to criticize American feminists for the lack of passion they feel for protecting the women of the world from the most terrible of oppressions.

We must pray and act -- now.

(Note -- The video linked to above does show some graphic evidence of the monstrous practice of breast ironing, a practice in which hot stones are used against a girl's breasts to restrain their growth. It is used to keep girls from attracting male interest before the family is ready for her to marry. Please be discerning about showing the clip to others.)