Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Do Journalists Never Apologize?

Liberal journalists, like liberal politicians, never really apologize for anything. And they get away with it. They can wish someone tortured and dead, they can make cruel and racist jokes, they can smear and slander up a storm -- and in the end, the public is supposed to shrug it off and let things go on as before.

Meaning -- only Republicans are expected to pay a price for ugly behavior.

A case in point is the Washington Post's David Weigel who wrote, "This would be a vastly better world to live in if Matt Drudge decided to handle his emotional problems more responsibly, and set himself on fire."

Weigel was rightly scorned for this brutal remark and so he wrote a column to say he was sorry. Well, sort of. Like so many whiners, he apologized amid excuses and self-justifications: "I was tired, angry, and hyperbolic" Weigel explained. He also fell back on that tired cliche that he was only talking to friends. Right. On a much-used internet forum.

Plus, when did boorish behavior become acceptable simply because it was shared with buddies? Does Weigel think that, for instance, mocking the skinny freshman in gym class is okay if the mean-spirited barbs are shared in a corner of the locker room?

Weigel's kinda' apology, written in his Post column because he had been stormed by negative responses to his brutal comments, also managed to throw in some blame of others. Yeah, that always underscores one's sincerity. "Okay, I'm sorry but, after all, you made me do it!" And he also used his fake apology to repeat earlier attacks. "Maybe I shouldn't have used this particular word but I stand my ground on this, that and the other."

As I said earlier, liberals never really apologize. They may do a little duck and cover when necessary, but even then they're only reloading for the next shot.

Update: While David Weigel didn't give much of an apology for his actions, somebody at the Post figured he wasn't going to be much good at reporting on the Right (that was Weigel's beat) anymore. So he's gone.