Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nickelodeon: Still Promoting Sick Games to Your Kids

Last December I alerted you to the disturbing fact that Nickelodeon, the TV and online "children’s entertainment" conglomerate, is providing video games involving sex play and violence on its popular website,

It even provides direct links to that site from the game pages of, its website designed for kids, AND, its website designed for preschoolers!

So, your five-year old who you last saw doing online coloring books over at, might now be checking out Candy the Naughty Cheerleader, Naughty Supermarket, Celebrity Body Scanner or Foxy Sniper (“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Fear me, because I am a crack shot! Assassination isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life.”)

Or how about Dark Cut 2 (“More macho surgery! No anesthetic. No antiseptics. Just rusty knives, corn whiskey, and lots of blood!”);

Naughty Classroom (“Hot for teacher?…Here’s your chance to fulfill your ultimate childhood fantasy. Naughty Classroom will leave you begging for more homework.”);

Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2 (“Small, black, stick figure death can happen in so many different ways! Do you choose shotgun to the face, or acid in the lungs?”);

Bloody Day (”Back alley butchering has never been so much fun...How many kills can you rack?”);

Or the Perry the Sneak series, where gamers take the role of a peeping Tom trying to catch revealing glimpses of scantily clad and naked women?

This is child's play?

Obviously, Nickelodeon has not yet heard from enough Americans who are outraged at these perversions masquerading as children's entertainment. And so they continue.

Please. Don't let this go without your principled protest. Don't just shake your head and think how weird and wicked the world is becoming. Think instead of your responsibility to speak out against such dangerous destruction of childhood innocence.

Take a moment to tell Nickelodeon to stop promoting sexualized and violent video games to young children. You can use the e-mail form on this page to register your protest to Nickelodeon. But better yet, hit the "Report a Concern" link at the bottom of the Nick page itself AND write a real letter to Nickelodeon's parent company Viacom. (Remember too it is Viacom that is about to launch its profane and blasphemous cartoon series about Jesus.) They can be reached at Viacom Inc., 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036-5794.

We really need to act on this. Remember how seriously Jesus takes sins against "little ones." Writing a couple of letters is the least we can do to help protect them.

Also, be sure to let other parents know what Nickelodeon is up to. One easy way is to e-mail this post to friends. You can also post a link to it on your Facebook page. And you can alert your pastor and Sunday school teacher. Ask them to make an announcement about what Nickelodeon is doing, providing contact information as well so people can let the company know what they think about such actions.

Let's get on this.