Friday, April 23, 2010

A "Weak and Dangerous Chain of Unrealistic Snobs"

Country superstar Charlie Daniels concludes his April 16th Soapbox entry:

...As I look across this river at the great City of New York, I realize that there are two pieces missing from the skyline, two towers that once rose above everything else on Manhattan Island, two monuments to the nobler accomplishments of mankind, destroyed in an hour by madmen who hate everything America stands for.

No matter how the media tries to sugar coat it, no matter what this administration calls the War on Terror and the Islamic fanatics who wage it, no matter how much politically correct tripe we hear to disguise it, there is one undeniable truth: The only thing that could possibly cause men to fly an airplane full of innocent people into a building of other equally innocent people is pure, undiluted hatred, fueled by totally satanic evil.

I for one have heard enough about Islam being a peaceful religion. I'm happy that it is and I'm glad for them, but the peaceful ones are not the ones we're concerned with.

The evil that caused the deaths of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 is still out there in the world just waiting for the next opportunity to hurt us again and any letting down of our guard or any gesture we make as a nation which can be perceived as weakness can be and will be exploited by our enemies.

As long as the Obama Administration has Eric Holder as Attorney General there is a leak in the ship of state. Eric Holder is more beholden to his sick ideologies than he is to protecting this nation and Obama should not hesitate another day in getting rid of this weak and dangerous link in an already weak and dangerous chain of unrealistic snobs who play games with the safety and prosperity of this nation.

It would at least be a good start.