Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Tim Tebow Too Controversial for the NFL?

An ugly antagonism to Christianity (especially to Christians with pro-life convictions) is spread throughout this Les Carpenter Yahoo Sports column about Tim Tebow.

And it's downright weird. I mean, famous athletes are beating up women, doing illegal drugs, engaging in various forms of mayhem, bathing in money and self-worship, driving drunk, defacing their bodies with satanic images, serially cheating on their wives, and so on -- and Carpenter is bothered because a young athlete is a virgin who paints Scripture verses under his eyes and who participated in a pro-life TV spot?

Let's get a little perspective here, okay?

Check out a few examples of Carpenter's unfounded skepticism and think you'll agree with me that the sportswriter desperately needs to work on his religious tolerance. You'll see too that the most "offensive" thing he's got on Tim Tebow is that subtle and sweet TV ad that so freaked out the pro-abortion crowd.

Carpenter's all-too-common attitude about Christianity is that it's all right, it's even tolerable. But only if it stays muted, mousy, and marginalized.

And because Tebow won't play that game, secularists squirm.