Thursday, December 18, 2008

Though Supported by Many Christians, Obama Will Be the Abortion President.

...Mr. Obama was largely hesitant to talk about abortion throughout the campaign. It seems he had good reason to be apprehensive. Pro-choice groups want to pull out all the stops, and their wish list has no bounds - the policy paper even calls for more funding for the U.N. Population Control program. We are always more interested in which populations they decide need controlling and why...

This Washington Times editorial, "Obama's Abortion Conundrum," provides a good look at just how radically dehumanizing is the agenda of some 60 pro-abortion groups that are demanding Barack Obama's complete cooperation. Check it out. However, the title of the editorial (as well as part of its conclusion) suggests that Obama is somehow being tugged both ways in the sanctity of life debate.

He isn't.

His agenda on abortion and embryonic stem cell experimentation has been, is and will be the same as the zealots of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Emily's List and the rest of that grisly gang. His only "conundrum" consists in how to proceed in his sacrifice of preborn babies without overly offending those kinda' pro-life people who supported him.

But then that's already been taken care of...and not by any clever manipulations by Barack Obama either but merely by the unprincipled surrender of those who should have stood firm against his wicked policies. Obama's positions on these crucial moral issues were clear, unequivocal and well known. Yet, in the saddest example of how deep is the corruption and faithlessness in the modern Church, Christians voted for him in droves anyhow.

When your opposition fawningly rolls over and gives up, there's certainly no reason to bargain, to go carefully, or to even go slowly. And Barack Obama, a man who viciously opposed even legislation to protect babies who survived abortion, will certainly not fail to push hard and push early for a complete domination of the abortion culture.