Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Book Den Is Open Again

After taking much too long a hiatus from The Book Den (my other blog, one specifically devoted to literary pursuits), I’ve decided to jump back in with a renewed resolve to keep it at least as current as the old days. We'll see. With the increased attention I’ve given to Vital Signs Blog, my other duties for Vital Signs Ministries, and now an ongoing commitment to prepare a sermon each week for an inner city church, that’s going to be a rather tough assignment. But hey – who needs six hours of sleep a night anyway, right?

The first “official” entry of the new era is an overdue installment of a feature that has become popular with the nation’s English teachers, librarians and retired disc jockeys; namely, Denny and Claire’s Annual NHN Book Recommendations, primarily developed for the consideration of the members of our “fine vintage” literary club.

So, if you're interested in books and authors, reviews, reading recommendations, poetry, publishing, etc., pay a quick visit every once in awhile to the Book Den.