Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Huckabee Aiming for VP?

...Another thing to watch for is what Mike Huckabee does. His campaign has lost some altitude since he failed to win in South Carolina but he could play a crucial role tonight in going after Mitt Romney who is performing strongly in Florida as the economy comes to increasingly dominate the campaign. Huckabee, however, has been getting some pot shots off at Romney’s business career and if he does the same tonight he could halt Romney’s surge which would help John McCain who is battling Romney for the lead in Florida.

If Huckabee does take on Romney, it will fuel rumours that his main ambition now is to be McCain’s VP—and given that McCain will be 72 by inauguration day and might well only serve one term, being the bottom half of his ticket is an appealing prospect.

(James Forsyth in the Spectator Blog)