Thursday, October 25, 2007

Salvo: "The Most Important Magazine of Our Day"

...As the mother of three young adults, I’ve witnessed firsthand the ability of [new magazine] Salvo to reach young readers and challenge them. I’m proud to be a pro bono member of Salvo’s editorial board, contribute from my own wallet to their efforts, and introduce this stunning publication to as many people as possible. Why? Because I believe Salvo is the most important magazine of our day...

Wow. That's quite a plug.

But coming from the eminently hip and hopeful Rebecca Hagelin, it's an endorsement you'll want to know more about. So, here's her Town Hall column about Salvo (and a few other interesting things) and here is the Salvo website itself. (Note: for Salvo's website, please use the link I provide here; the link in the column doesn't connect.)