Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Episcopalian Leaders Turn to Extortion Tactics to Keep Conservative Congregations in Line

Episcopal Church leaders meeting in Parsippany, N.J. this past week tightened the noose around orthodox dioceses necks saying that any attempt by them to leave The Episcopal Church with their properties will be met with lawsuits from the national church.

The Council passed Resolution NAC023, reminding dioceses that they are required to "accede" to the Constitution and Canons, and declaring that any diocesan action that removes that accession from its constitution is "null and void." That declaration, the resolution said, means that their constitutions "shall be as they were as if such amendments had not been passed."

The Episcopal Church Welcome Mat has been pulled out from underneath orthodox dioceses that may wish to move away from a church they believe is fundamentally heretical in faith and morals...

More on this childish, desperate bully tactic here in David Virtue's well-written essay.