Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dr. John Barrasso of Wyoming Joins the U.S. Senate

Vice President Dick Cheney, a former Wyoming congressman, administered the oath of office to incoming Senator Dr. John Barrasso earlier today. Barrasso fills the vacancy left in the Senate when Craig Thomas died June 4th.

Barrasso, an orthopedic surgeon, has created hopes that he will continue in the pro-life tradition of Senator Thomas. A Right to Life of Wyoming spokesman said, "Whether it was abortion or bioethics issues, Senator Thomas was someone we could always rely on to vote pro-life and we will ask Senator Barrasso to do the same."

Barrasso has said repeatedly that he is pro-life and he was the key sponsor of the Laci and Conner Peterson bill that Right to Life of Wyoming strongly supported in the last session of the legislature.