Monday, April 23, 2007

Colorado Public Schools Set To Begin Instruction on Condom Use and "Emergency Contraception"

The Rocky Mountain News explains that Colorado school districts offering sex-education courses will have to make sure those courses are "based on science" and thus include information about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, "emergency contraception," etc. but not morality. These are the dictates of a new measure approved by a Senate committee and now waiting for the governor's signature...which he says he is disposed to do. They are also, not surprising to veterans of such battles, dictates laid down by Planned Parenthood.

"If people knew what we were talking about in here - math, science and condoms - they would be horrified," said Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton.

In a related story from One News Now, Kopp is quoted as calling the bill "bad public policy driven by the narrow agenda of Planned Parenthood."

He relates what happened recently when one of colleagues read portions of the Planned Parenthood teacher guidebook from the floor of the Senate -- with children present.

"There happened to be a class of fourth-graders up in the gallery listening in," he shares, "and as he read what would be done and taught in our public schools, the teacher wisely got her kids up and skedaddled them out of the gallery because she was obviously very embarrassed and wanted to guard the ears of her little children."

Kopp also confides that one of his Democratic colleagues admitted to him that very few Democrats in the Senate actually liked the bill, but were going to vote for it regardless because Planned Parenthood played a prominent role in getting them elected. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has voiced its support for HB 1292, which passed the Colorado House last Monday on a 39-26 vote.