Monday, April 23, 2007

A Missed Opportunity at Virginia Tech

Among the religions represented at the memorial convocation held at Virginia Tech last week were Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and...a mystery religion? Frank Pastore's column on the pitiable performance of the liberal Lutheran minister at the convocation is must-reading. I print a couple of excerpts below but I do recommend your reading of the entire piece.

...Each of the four speakers were there to represent their religion, to bring the message of comfort and hope rooted in their faith tradition. The Muslim speaker read passages from the Koran in Arabic and appealed to Allah, the Jewish speaker read from Ecclesiastes 3 while an assistant repeated the passages in Hebrew, the Buddhist quoted the Dalai Lama, while the Christian did not even quote from the Bible, nor mention the name of Jesus – the namesake of his religion.

What Mr. King said should be studied in every semina
ry in America. It is precisely what not to do when given the opportunity to bring the message of the Gospel of Jesus to those grieving the loss of loved ones and struggling to make sense of the evil visited upon them.

...No wonder Christianity is so easily and regularly atta
cked on college campuses. With advocates like this, who needs opposition? We’ve got guys in our uniform playing for the other team...

By the way, as a minister of the Gospel who is definitely not ashamed of Jesus Christ, Franklin Graham would have handled the situation much differently. His statement to that effect and the news that he and 20 others were indeed ministering behind-the-scenes at Virginia Tech can be found in this TV station story and in this report from the Samaritan's Purse web site.