Thursday, December 21, 2006

The War Over Intelligent Design Is Anything But Over...And, Oh Yes, Don't Miss the Christmas Stuff Either!

Our friend, Dr. Ray Bohlin, has recently written a really good article on the desperate movement of the powers that be against Intelligent Design. It is at the Probe Ministries web site (always a good place to surf around in) and you'll find it right here. Excellent.

And, by the way, in your surfing the Probe site, don't miss their Christmas-oriented articles: The Christmas Story: Does It Still Matter? by Rusty Wright; The Theology of Christmas Carols by Robert A. Pyne; Is Christmas Necessary? by Jerry Solomon; The Star of Bethlehem by Dr. Ray Bohlin; Christmas Film Favorites by Todd Kappelman; How Could the Wise Men Have Found Baby Jesus in Nazareth? by Kerby Anderson; and, finally A Christmas Quiz by Dale Taliaferro.

As our friends over in Manchester, England would say -- they're champion!