Friday, October 20, 2006

Feeling Down? Why Not Call the Euthanasia Clinic?

London law professor Lewis Wolpert accepts the idea of euthanasia for the terminally ill who knowingly choose it. That's unfortunate and, of course, reveals his very truncated understanding both of the inherent sanctity of life as taught in the Scriptures and of the great difficulty in opening Pandora's Box "just a little bit."

Nevertheless, Professor Wolpert draws a definite distinction between those kinds of cases and those encouraged by groups like the Swiss euthanasia clinic, Dignitas, who are promoting what they call the "marvellous possibility" of assisted suicide to people who are sick, people who are mentally ill, and even people who are depressed.

This Telegraph (U.K.) article is an informative read, one that shows that the next terrible stages in the culture of death are already upon us.