Thursday, April 20, 2006

ADF Takes on Ohio State

From a Family Research Council update -- Three professors at the Ohio State University at Mansfield have filed a "sexual harassment" complaint against librarian Scott Savage. His offense? Savage had dared to suggest freshmen might balance their reading by studying David Kupelian's The Marketing of Evil, which the professors deem to be "anti-gay." It seems Mr. Savage is a member of a committee that recommends books to incoming students. Other members had suggested liberal works such as those by Jimmy Carter, Maria Shriver, and evolution advocate Richard Dawkins, while recommending no conservative books. Mr. Savage's simple effort to balance the scales now has him under investigation.

Here is the left's hypocrisy on parade. They pose as champions of civil liberties, but are eager not only to suppress ideas they disagree with, but actively to punish those who dare to express them. Fortunately, our friends at the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) are taking up Mr. Savage's cause.