Friday, November 25, 2005

Charities to Be Stamped Out?

The new increases mandated by the U.S.Post Office are, of course, simply new taxes levied on the public by non-elected bureaucrats. A bum deal for everybody. But perhaps most affected are 1) older Americans who prefer regular mail to computers, text messaging, and other new communication technologies, and 2) charities whose income is generated primarily through the U.S. Postal Service. An interesting story on the latter issue is right here from the Greensboro News-Record.

Below are the new charges:

First-Class Letter (1 oz.) 37¢ to 39¢
First-Class Letter (2 oz.) 60¢ to 63¢
Postcard 23¢ to 24¢
Priority Mail (1 lb.) $3.85 to $4.05
Express Mail (1/2 lb) $13.65 to $14.40
Express Mail (2 lb) $17.85 to $18.80